Cultural agenda in Santos has attractions in cinema, dance and theater


Drive My Car

Winner of the ‘Best Foreign Film’ award at the 94th Academy Awards, ‘Drive My Car’ tells the story of Yusuke, an elderly, widowed actor looking for a driver. Upon receiving the nomination from Misaki, a 20-year-old girl, he is initially suspicious, but gradually develops a very special relationship with the conductor. Inspired by the homonymous short story, by Haruki Murakami, from the collection ‘Os Homens Sem Mulheres’, the feature is directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi and performances by Hidetoshi Nishijima and Tôko Miura, among others. On display from Thursday (16) until June 22. Due to the duration of the film (three hours), the equipment will offer sessions at 4 pm and 9 pm. Cine Arte Posto 4. Av. Vicente de Carvalho s/nº, edge of Gonzaga, next to channel 3. Entrances R$ 3,00 (full) and R$ 1,50 (half). Indicative rating: 16 years.

Mama Mia!

In ‘Mamma Mia!’, Donna, a hotel owner in the Greek islands, is preparing for her daughter’s wedding with the help of two friends. Meanwhile, Sophie, the bride, invites three of her mother’s ex-boyfriends, hoping to meet her real father. Inspired by the songs of the group Abba, the musical features names such as Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and Pierce Brosnan, among others, and is directed by Phyllida Lloyd. The screening of the feature is performed by Cineclube Broadway Voices. Monday (20). 3 pm Santos Image and Sound Museum – Miss. Ground floor of the Patricia Galvão Cultural Center. Av. Pinheiro Machado, 48, Vila Mathias. Free entrance.

Mama Mia! is set in the greek islands

Pass Line

In the feature ‘Linha de Passe’, four brothers are raised by their mother, who works as a maid and is once again pregnant with an unknown father. With their father gone, they fight for their dreams and one of them sees in his talent as a football player the hope for a better life. Directed by Daniela Thomas and Walter Salles, the film features Vinícius de Oliveira, João Baldasserini, Sandra Corveloni, Denise Weinberg and Mateus Solano, among others. The exhibition is part of the ‘Brazilian Cinema Day’ exhibition, carried out by the Pontos MIS project. Tuesday (21). 7 pm Santos Image and Sound Museum – Miss. Ground floor of the Patricia Galvão Cultural Center. Av. Pinheiro Machado, 48, Vila Mathias. Free entrance.

The national Pass Line will be displayed at Miss



Fidifest (Fall in Dance International Festival), a competitive dance festival that has been taking place since 2014, brings together different styles and categories of dance, workshops, national and international auditions in competitive shows. In addition to medals, trophies, entries for other festivals and scholarships at renowned international dance schools, it offers cash prizes for the best choreographic works and dancers. The event is directed by André Santos and Juliana Luiz, and produced by the Associação de Dança do Litoral Paulista (Adalpa). From Wednesday (15) to Saturday (19). Sessions at 16:30 and 20:00. Municipal Theater Braz Cubas. 2nd floor of the Patricia Galvão Cultural Center. Av. Pinheiro Machado, 48, Vila Mathias. Tickets R$ 50.00 (full) and R$ 25.00 (half and advance). Sales and information on the website of producer.

The event includes presentations of different styles



In addition to the competitive shows of child, student and adult theater scenes, this year’s Festival of Theater Scenes (Fescete) program features guest shows, lambe-lambe theater and literature and cosplay competitions, in addition to book launches. . Fescete begins with the show ‘Eu de Você’, a monologue staged by Denise Fraga, honored in this 26th edition. From Thursday (16th) to July 1st. Check the schedule and locations on the website at the festet. The public can still follow the news via YouTube. Sponsored by the Santos Port Authority, via the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Federal Government, Fescete is organized by Tescom – Escola de Teatro, in partnership with the Municipality of Santos, and supported by TV Tribuna and Sesc Santos, in addition to cultural support from Port City.

Actress Denise Fraga stages monologue at the opening of the event


‘What is the time of affection?’

‘What is the time of affection?’ is the name of the solo exhibition by Juliana Naufel, visual artist from São Paulo, graduated in Visual Arts from Universidade Estadual Paulista ‘Júlio de Mesquita Filho’ and Specialist in Art Therapy from Universidade Cândido Mendes. In 2016 she fell in love with embroidery and found her voice again through this technique. The following year, she appropriated embroidery for good in photography and realized the possibilities of personal and collective healing by embroidering new narratives in old photographs from her personal collection and from strangers. Museum of Image and Sound of Santos. Ground floor of the Patricia Galvão Cultural Center. Av. Senator Pinheiro Machado, 48, Vila Mathias. Visitation until June 30, from Monday to Friday, from 2 pm to 8 pm. Free.

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