Destinations to enjoy the cold in high style in southern Brazil

The south of Brazil is known for its low temperatures, especially in winter. At this time of year, the Serras Gaúcha and Serras Catarinense are great for those who want to enjoy the cold and see snow.

In addition to seeing the snow falling, enough for beautiful photos and unforgettable memories, some cities in the South offer incredible landscapes and attractions that deserve to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Lawn walks in autumn

Credit: Agustavop/iStockSunset in Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha; one of the destinations for those who want to enjoy the cold

Check below three destinations in Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul for those who love the cold.

Destinations to enjoy the cold in high style in southern Brazil

the capital of Paraná Curitiba It’s one of those places that the colder, the more charming. But it’s good to go prepared, because temperatures in winter tend to drop below 5ºC easily.

Credit: Pedro Moraes/iStockIn Curitiba, winter temperatures tend to fall below 5ºC easily.

It is common for parks to dawn covered by frost and the lawns to be white in the morning. The cold climate is perfect for the local gastronomy, with many options of soups, hot drinks, heated places and tours that will leave any visitor in love.

Highlight for the Jardim Botânico and Barigui parks and for the tourist bus tour, which circulates through the main postcards of the city. For the single fare of R$50, visitors can disembark as many times as they want and board the next bus, which passes every 30 minutes.

destinations to enjoy the cold

Credit: DisclosureThe beautiful Pomerode, in the Itajaí Valley, in Santa Catarina, is one of the destinations to enjoy the cold

Another recommended destination is Pomerode, in the Itajaí Valley, in Santa Catarina. With just over 34,000 inhabitants, the city is a piece of Germany in Brazil. Everything about it refers to the Germanic settlers: the architecture, the people and the food. Don’t be surprised, as most residents speak German, so it’s common to hear the language on the streets.

The city also enchants for its cleanliness, green areas and half-timbered houses (typical German architecture). The last time it snowed in Pomerode was in 2013, but as in the capital of the neighboring state, winter temperatures are below 10°C.

turkey hill

Credit: DisclosureMorro da Turkey is one of the viewpoints to contemplate Pomerode (SC)

The local chill is an invitation to tourist routes that include typical handicrafts, folk dances and museums that tell the story of the immigrants who founded the city. The local factories are mandatory stops and open their doors to show what is produced on site: beer, crystals, artisanal cheeses and chocolate.

Pomerode is surrounded by hills that offer unforgettable views and paragliding flights for the bravest. Also noteworthy is the typical cuisine. There are several restaurants that offer very Germanic dishes such as stuffed mallard, apple puree and the famous white sausages.

Snow in Serra Gaucha

And if the ultimate goal is to try to see the snow, Serra Gaúcha is the right destination. In recent years, cities in the region have registered the phenomenon, which is very common in other destinations in South America.

Credit: Samuel Azambuja Kochhan/iStockMajor Nicoletti Square, in the center of Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha

An excellent option in the region is the Romantic Route: 14 cities that came together to promote the beauties of this region of mountains and valleys in Rio Grande do Sul. The most famous destinations are Gramado and Canela, already consolidated as tourist centers with breathtaking attractions.

The tip is to stay in an alternative city, like Nova Petrópolis, for example, which is just over 30 km from Gramado. With accommodation options with excellent value for money, the German city is a scenario that, so perfect, seems to have been set up.

Credit: Disclosure/PMNPVegetation covered with ice in Nova Petrópolis, in Serra Gaúcha

The Germanic roots are so valued that the architectural plan of the place only allows constructions that have characteristics of the European country.

Despite being small, with only 21,000 inhabitants, Nova Petrópolis has surprising options, such as the Edelbrau beer factory, which offers a very different experience, with doors, levers, visual effects that end in a fountain with several artisanal beer taps.

to enjoy the cold in high style in southern Brazil

Credit: Disclosure/PMNPThe half-timbered architecture in Nova Petrópolis, one of the destinations to enjoy the cold in high style in southern Brazil

Nova Petrópolis also has several restaurants with typical food, impeccable parks and super charming hotels, ready for that unforgettable stay, overlooking the mountains. And the best, it is close to cities like Lawn and Lower leg.

Travel packages to enjoy the cold in the South

Can you imagine being able to visit all these places in one itinerary? Schultz offers the “Brazilian Europe” package. An option for those who like the road and want to get away from air fares.

The itinerary lasts eight days, starts in Curitiba and goes through pomerode, blumenau, Florianopolis, Lower leg, Lawn, Nova Petrópolis, Garibaldi, Bento Gonçalves and Lagos. It includes accommodation, breakfast and tours.

A perfect itinerary for those who want to immerse themselves in these European cities, including in terms of climate and temperature.

Train ride in Garibaldi

Credit: DisclosureTrain ride in Garibaldi, one of the attractions of Serra Gaúcha

Packages start at R$2,799 per person (in a double apartment) and include ground transportation, tours, accommodation and breakfast. Find out more here.

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