eight appliances to make everyday life easier

Increasingly, technological evolution has offered multiple tools to make everyday tasks practical and easy to solve.

In the kitchen, it is already possible to count on a vast line of “smart” appliances, which use connectivity to facilitate food storage or even the preparation of complex recipes, for example. Some accessories have their own application, with various functions that can make everyday life even more fun.

The following list has some suggestions to promote savings, increase health care and give a hectic routine at home. Check out:

Machine for carbonating water – sodastream

Price: BRL 623.21*

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Produces sparkling water in a natural and homemade way, at the touch of a button. It has a 60 ml cylinder of CO2 (carbon dioxide) to inject the liquid in the exact amount you want. And it doesn’t need electricity to work.

It comes with a 1 liter bottle and the gas cylinder can be replaced with a refill. According to the manufacturer, for each bottle of sparkling water made at home, you avoid the disposal of up to 2,500 plastic bottles.

smart air fryer – Xiaomi

Price: from BRL 899.66 to BRL 851* (5% discount)

Smart air fryer - Xiaomi - Disclosure - Disclosure
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For those who want to include healthier recipes on the menu that do not use oil, air fryers are a great option. This model of Xiaomi It has a capacity of 3.5 liters and can be operated directly through the app available for smartphones. This includes cooking scheduling, cooking scheduling and reminders, and recipe customization.

It has a power of 1,500W and is available in a voltage of 220v.

Electric pressure cooker – Electrolux

Price: BRL 467.10 – BRL 519*

Electric pressure cooker - Electrolux - Disclosure - Disclosure
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The pressure cooker is an essential item in the kitchen and the electric option offers some advantages. This model works by cable (removable) and has pressure intensity adjustment, display programmable digital with LED, 15 recipes pre-programmed and ten safety devices, including locks and valves.

The device has a capacity of 6 liters. The price may vary depending on the voltage chosen.

Pop Time Popcorn Maker – Britannia

Price: BRL 129 – 202.90*

Pop Time Popcorn - Britânia - Disclosure - Disclosure
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This appliance allows you to make oil-free popcorn — an interesting option for those looking for a healthier diet or who have children around. As they pop, the outlet nozzle directs them into a container (like a wide bowl), and at the top, a small bowl serves to melt butter.

Available in 110v and 220v, with price variation according to choice.

Digital kettle – Philco

Price: BRL 314.90*

Digital kettle - Philco - Disclosure - Disclosure
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This electric kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters and comes with a clear glass jug. It has automatic shutdown, detachable base and panel with digital display. You can select the desired temperature and wait just a few minutes for the water to boil, according to the manufacturer. Available in 110v and 220v.

Specialist Toaster – Electrolux

Price: BRL 829.89*

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This toaster has several functions to liven up your breakfast or snack. Hmm, is the bread already toasted? It allows you to pause the operation and check the point – there are seven levels of toasting. On the top support, you can even warm up buns. Comes with digital timer, with countdown on the panel. Available in 220v option.

Prima Latte Cafeteria – Oster

Price: from BRL 1,094.90 to BRL 1,029.99* (6% discount)

Prima Latte Cafeteria - Oster - Disclosure - Disclosure
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It brings together several options for preparing hot drinks in a single appliance. Those who are a fan of traditional coffee can use regular, soluble or capsule powder. In addition, you can put milk in the reservoir to make cappuccinos and chocolate drinks.

Available in black and red and in 110v and 220v voltages.

Induction cooktop with 4 burners – Midea

Price: BRL 1,318.24*

Induction cooktop with 4 burners - Midea - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Made of glass ceramic, this cooktop has nine power options. It works without gas and only heats up when the pans are positioned on one of the burners, which can have their temperatures independently controlled. The commands are all by touch and slide (tap and swipe). Its measurements are 52 cm x 59 cm.

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*Prices and listing were checked on June 14, 2022 to update this story. It may be that they vary over time.

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