Fintech from the United States arrives in Brazil offering credit to customers without a card

Learn all about the new American startup that seeks to accelerate sales for small and medium-sized retailers in the country.

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The retail sector has just gained a major player in Brazil, sezzle. The American startup, which was recently acquired by Zip, arrives in the country with the aim of accelerating sales for small and medium-sized retailers, in addition to facilitating purchases for the final customer, offering the true “buy now, pay later” (BNPL), which in Portuguese means “buy now, pay later”.

About Sezzle

Founded by American investors Charlie Youakim, Paul Paradis and Killian Brackey, Sezzle has become one of the largest BNPL platforms in the world. “The BNPL concept is widespread in countries such as Australia and the United States, and is also gaining strength in Europe. In Brazil, there are still many discussions on the subject and a large space to grow, so our first expansion step was here”, highlights Charlie Youakim, CEO of Sezzle American.

“Our idea is to show how BNPL can make life easier for consumers and shopkeepers, directly impacting their financial health and business growth, in addition to demystifying their association with traditional installment plans”, says João Pedro Teles, CEO of Sezzle Brasil.

From left to right: Tiago Cajahyba (CTO), João Pedro Teles (CEO), Carlos Leão (CFO) and Leo Villanova (CMO).
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Startup goal in Brazil

Sezzle’s proposal for Brazil is to focus on SMEs, as its solution allows them to offer another payment option in installments at the time of closing the purchase.

“Retailers who join Sezzle will have access to a D+1 proposal in which the end customer pays in 4 installments, but receives the purchase amount the next day, directly impacting the increase in their cash flow. In addition, it allows them to have a cash operation, with the possibility of offering special discounts to customers, while the entire risk of fraud and default, in addition to managing the receipt of installments, is borne by Sezzle”, highlights Teles.

For the final consumer, it is an opportunity to buy online, receive the product and complete the payment in fortnightly installments, all without having to compromise the card limit. Another advantage is that consumers can reschedule payments, that is, if the customer realizes that he will not be able to pay the installment, he can postpone this payment, putting the installment to the end. “Our objective is to create a relationship of trust between seller and buyer, as was the case of “selling on credit” in the past”, explains the CEO of Sezzle Brasil.

“Our biggest commitment is with people, so we don’t just want to be a solution that brings agility in financial operations, but that works side by side with the buyer and the seller”, says Leonardo Villanova, Marketing Director at Sezzle in Brazil.

Sezzle prioritizes balance between purpose and profit

One of the company’s biggest differentials is its ethical and transparent management. Today, Sezzle is the only company in the segment that has the B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) seal, worldwide, and by seeking to balance purpose and profit, it takes into account the success of the business model and the social and environmental performance that the company generates.

“We always seek to get closer to e-commerces that have this same principle and this has placed us in the TOP5 ranking of the favorite companies of consumers and the favorite of generation Z in the United States – an audience that we aim to empower financially”, says Leonardo.

In the United States, the company has more than 45,000 active retailers and more than 9 million consumers in the base. “Our plan is to empower the Brazilian consumer and grow exponentially. We want to bring a different vision and show that the BNPL concept goes beyond the ease of purchase”, concludes the CEO of Sezzle Brasil.

More information

Founded in 2016, in Minneapolis, United States, Sezzle is a digital payment platform that accelerates the sales of small, medium and large e-commerces and retailers, and allows people without a credit card or with low limits to buy from in installments and without interest.

Recently acquired by Zip, the company’s purpose is to financially empower the new generation. In addition to the US and Brazil, fintech is already present in Germany, France, Canada, Austria, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

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