Former judges analyze Australia’s victory defense

Former football referees analyzed Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne’s decisive save against Peru yesterday in the Qatar World Cup play-off. Redmayne took the penalty taken by Alex Varela, but it raised doubts. Was he with his feet on the line before the kick?

Redmayne came on in the closing minutes of extra time in place of Australia’s captain Mathew Ryan. Before each Peruvian kick, he kept moving and “dancing” to take away the concentration of the opposing players. In the end, the Australians won 5-4 on penalties after a goalless draw.

For Alfredo Loebeling, the save by the Australia goalkeeper in Peru’s last kick was legal.

“The fact that he is jumping before the kick doesn’t mean anything. There’s nothing in the rule that prevents him from doing that, as long as part of at least one of his feet is on the line at the time of the kick. For me, the heel is over the line and, at the moment of the kick, the defense is valid. I don’t see any irregularity in that defense. He didn’t do anything that is not in the rule”, he told the UOL Esporte.

José Aparecido de Oliveira believes that the penalty should have been taken again.

“It is noted that the goalkeeper took a step forward breaking the rule, although before the charge his movement was perfect. Therefore, the charge should be repeated”, he explained to the report.

Carlos Eugênio Simon, arbitration commentator for Disney channels, agrees. “The goalkeeper can be moved laterally with his feet over the line. He jumps to the front of the line. The penalty should be retaken.”

Sandro Meira Ricci, referee commentator for Grupo Globo, followed the same line of reasoning as José Aparecido and Simon.

“We realize that the goalkeeper, in his habit of moving around, before the kick he jumps forward. The rule says that, before the kick, the goalkeeper has to stay on the goal line. that he gives that bounce forward, he takes his feet off the line, it’s irregular and couldn’t have validated the defense”, he declared on SporTV.

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