It’s time for Australia’s Qantas to start cannibalizing its Airbus A380 jets

The world’s largest passenger plane continues to star in melancholy scenes, while it continues to be cannibalized to serve as parts for other aircraft.

Image: allen watkin / CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

After other companies took this path, this week it became known that Australia’s Qantas has also started cannibalizing A380 jets, or at least two of them. The Australian company was one of the first operators of the model and ordered 12 aircraft directly from Airbus.

Currently, three of the company’s planes are undergoing maintenance in Abu Dhabi, where they are also undergoing interior renovation, four are in operation and five were stored in the desert. Of these five, two were taken out of storage and began to be dismantled in Victorville, California, a well-known center for maintenance, storage and “graveyard” for planes, as it is the last stop for many.

Confirmation that the A380s are being dismantled came through a photographer in Southern California, as well as being ratified by several people close to the company. The parts taken from the two A380s will be taken to the Qantas hangar at Los Angeles Airport, where they will be used in future maintenance of the air giant.

This type of measurement is common in aircraft that are no longer produced, as is the case of the A380, whose last unit left the factory in December of last year.

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