‘It’s time for Ceará to beat Libertadores’, says Marquinhos Santos in presentation

The coach Marquinhos Santos was officially presented at the Ceará and, in his first interview, he cheered the fans up. That’s because he has already talked about one of the goals he will have in charge of the club: taking Alvinegro to the Copa Libertadores dispute.

“From what I saw of the squad, the structure, and talking to the president and his peers, especially the group of players, the brightness in their eyes was the same as when América took over. to Libertadores, but with the permanence in Serie A. And Vozão has already passed that level. It’s time for Ceará to beat Libertadores”, he said.

Marquinhos also reinforced that Ceará has the ability to go strong in all competitions that it currently disputes.

“We have to do everything on these three fronts, we have three opportunities. Brazilian, South American and Copa do Brasil. We have to deliver everything. The days will be longer and the nights shorter. The commitment, dedication and delivery It’s so that I can always leave a legacy. And I said to the president: it’s time for Ceará to beat Libertadores. The time has come. And I’m happy with this opportunity and confidence of the president, the group of players and especially the fans ” , said.

Regularized, Marquinhos Santos will make his debut this Wednesday (15), against Atlético-MG, at 7 pm, for the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship.

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