Mercado Pontos changes rules and makes it difficult for users to access level 6

Mercado Pontos was announced as an initiative by Mercado Livre to attract new customers by encouraging the use of the payment platform in exchange for benefits. Currently, the service has six levels that offer everything from a discount on purchases to a free subscription to the Disney Plus and Star Plus apps in the highest modality.

As stated in the program’s regulation, updated on June 1, 2022, users can accumulate points – which are valid for 12 months and expire after a period – by paying consumption bills (electricity, water, telephony, etc.), buying recharges of cell phone and other features offered through the Mercado Pago application.

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Despite allowing users to score in different ways, the company recently changed the regulation by offering only one point every R$6 and limiting it to 150 points per month, a total that is equivalent to R$900 in bill payments each month using the service. .

With this, when paying slips that exceed R$ 900, the remainder will not be considered to generate a score on the account, however, it is still possible to obtain points by paying in stores with a QR Code or by purchasing products through Mercado Livre, in these cases the customer will earn 1 point for every BRL 4, you can level up by reaching goals.

Although it is not clear, it is evident that the change seeks to encourage users to buy on Mercado Livre to maintain the current account level — remembering that points expire — or reach the dreamed level 6, a level at which there are discounts, exclusive offers and subscription. from Disney+ and Star+ for free.

As our Tecnoblog colleagues point out, transferring the balance to your Mercado Pago account and paying all consumer bills may not be as attractive an option as it used to be. Given this sudden change, it is possible that the time to level up will increase considerably.

Mercado Pago

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Do you usually pay your bills through Mercado Pago? Were you notified of the score change? Tell us, comment!

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