“Money injected in periods of crisis”; Fábio is mentioned, but another celestial idol becomes a subject for financial aid to Cruzeiro


The striker would have helped the Minas Gerais team even with money at the moment when Raposa needed it

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF - Fábio and another celestial idol became a topic this Tuesday
© 1788Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF – Fábio and another celestial idol became a topic this Tuesday

After being defeated by Vasco last Sunday (12), cruise returns to the field, at home, for the 13th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, against Ponte Preta, next Thursday (16). The celestial team continues in the leadership of the Second National Division, with 28 points conquered.

Regarding the reconstruction process of the cruise, the GE had access to Raposa’s creditor plan. In the document, some players who passed through the team are mentioned. One of them was the celestial idol Fábio, who left the team earlier this year. On the other hand, the highlight was Marcelo Moreno, who also left the team this year. According to the GE, the document reveals that the Bolivian striker lent money to Cruzeiro.

“The player (Marcelo Moreno) collaborated with the Club – which was in default – in a substantial way, having even injected money in periods of crisis, so he reveals himself as a great partner of Cruzeiro, justifying his inclusion in that subclass”revealed Cruzeiro’s creditor plan.

“In the petition for the presentation of the proposal, Cruzeiro mentions that in the group ‘partner suppliers’ are creditors who are helping or helped ‘Cruzeiro to get back on its feet’”reported an excerpt from the article published by the GE, which brought back the scenes of Cruzeiro’s situation.

Moreno’s relationship with the fans is excellent and this revelation made the idol gain even more morale. “It is very important to praise the figure of Marcelo Moreno in these difficult years that we have had, if he did not give us the expected return on the field, he helped to keep the club alive, both with love and financially, an example of an undeniable idol”wrote a fan.

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