Nubank is elected the strongest Brazilian brand by the WPP ranking

NEW AT FINTECH PURPLE: Nubank is elected the strongest Brazilian brand by the WPP ranking. See what fintech said on the subject

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Last week, Nubank announced that it received another recognition from the financial market: it was elected the strongest Brazilian brand by the WPP bank. According to fintech, the award, received in June 2022, shows that the company is “on the right track”. And it’s not by chance.

In 2021, of the 53.9 million customers accounted for at the end of the year, 5.8 million were added in the fourth quarter. In addition, of the total volume, 52.4 million are in Brazil, representing a jump of 57.8% compared to the previous year. So, to learn more about this Nubank award, check out below.

Nubank is elected the strongest Brazilian brand by the WPP ranking

Thus, according to roxinho, the WPP ranking is published annually in Brazil, in partnership with IstoÉ Dinheiro. Today, he is one of the most important recognitions in the market. But what does it mean to be a strong brand, anyway? According to Arturo Nuñez, Chief Marketing Officer at Nubank, this is all about “putting customers at the center of our decisions”.

“This achievement comes from our focus on the consumer. In everything we do, we put our customer at the center. And there’s nothing more powerful than your customers telling people about their good experiences,” he said in an article published by the fintech itself.

Finally, the company also stated that the three fundamental pillars of Nubank’s marketing are “having a great product, delivering a great experience and creating a great narrative”. And that, in general, spend less on marketing than any other company that normally appears on the WWP ranking list.

“But we have customers who love our brand fanatically and who want to tell their friends about us. That’s what sets us apart”, explained Arturo.

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