Pirate IPTV operators ordered to pay $130 million

Former operators of the pirated IPTV service SetTV lost a second lawsuit and must pay a $130 million indemnity for pay-TV provider DISH and its subsidiaries. Members of the group had previously been ordered to pay $90 million in damages for violations of the Federal Communications Act after losing a DISH Network.

The second lawsuit took place when DISH, principal, Sling TV and NagraStar, its subsidiaries, teamed up against the former owners of SetTV. Jason LaBossiere, Sean Beaman and Stefan Gollner. The former had violated a previous injunction by launching new pirated IPTV platforms called ExpediteTV, Mundo TV and Must TV. The judgment in the previous lawsuit prohibited the operation of an IPTV service similar to SetTV in the future if doing so would violate DISH’s rights.

IPTV is a method of transmitting television signals over IP networks.  (Shutterstock)IPTV is a method of transmitting television signals over IP networks. (Shutterstock)Source: Shutterstock

In a response to the new lawsuit, LaBossiere initially accused DISH of bullying, claiming the company “would stop at nothing” to ensure it continued to receive payments. Stefan Gollner and Sean Beaman tried to dismiss the suit for lack of personal jurisdiction and inability to mount an adequate defense, respectively.

In the end, the defendants did not admit anything in response to the allegations by DISH and fellow lawsuits. An injunction subpoenaed the defendants and anyone acting with them for receiving unauthorized television programming and rebroadcasting it through the pirated IPTVs.

The $130 million in damages was split into three separate judgments of $43,333,333.33 for the former pirate IPTV operators. They are also prohibited from selling any subscriptions or devices that violate the rights of the companies that sue them and prohibited from circumventing any DRM technology that controls access to DISH or Sling’s services.

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