Projections indicate that new iphones can cost R$ 80 thousand

Time passes quickly and few people realize the differences that are generated over the course of a decade. However, the prices of several products have changed significantly when compared to those applied 10 years ago. To get a sense of the financial impact, some projections point out that the price of iPhones can reach R$ 80 thousand in just 10 years.

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Why can new iPhones be so expensive?

First, understand that these are only comparative projections with what happened in the recent past. This means that there is no official pronouncement or any kind of certainty about the price of the new iPhones of the future.

However, in 2012 Apple launched the iPhone 5, with a suggested price of US$ 199 for its version with 16 Gb of storage. The high-end smartphone, with 64 Gb, was sold for US$ 399. Currently, 10 years later, the iPhone 13 Pro Max ranges in price between $1,099 and $1,599 on the product launch date.

In practice, the difference between the old models and the new current iPhones is 452%. If the same rate of progression is applied to the future, by 2032 new iPhones could cost as little as $6,069. However, depending on the device configuration, its value can be much higher.

iPhone in Brazil has always been more expensive

It is worth noting that iPhones have always been more expensive in the Brazilian market. In 2012, an iPhone 5 cost R$2,399. Currently, the model 13 costs R$ 15,499. This means that, if you follow the variation of the last decade, 10 years from now, the top-of-the-line device could cost R$ 79,974.

As mentioned at the beginning, these values ​​are offered as curiosities, since it is not possible to know what the future holds. However, the chances of increasing significantly in price is something very palpable about new iPhones in Brazil.

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