Redmayne sabotaged Peru’s goalkeeper in the penalty shootout; watch

From UOL, in São Paulo (SP)

06/15/2022 09:35updated on 06/15/2022 1:59 pm

Goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne was the hero of Australia’s qualification for the World Cup in Qatar. In last Monday’s match (13) against Peru, he entered in the final minutes of extra time in place of Mathew Ryan and drew attention for being “dancing” before the Peruvians took the penalty – he took the last penalty and classified his country to the World Cup.

Yesterday, the Latin broadcaster ‘Movistar Deportes’ released a video that shows that Redmayne not only disturbed the Peruvian penalty takers, but also the goalkeeper Pedro Gallese.

The footage shows that during the penalty shootout, Redmayne saw that Gallese had a bottle of water with notes of how Australians beat their penalties.

The ‘dancer’ goalkeeper noticed this and simply threw his co-worker’s bottle off the lawn – to take away that reference from the archer.

The sabotage was very effective as Australia secured themselves at the Qatar World Cup and Redmayne emerged a national hero.

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