Samuel L. Jackson Explains That The Series Will Address Nick Fury’s Personal Life

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Since it was announced in 2020, the series Secret Invasion has been the subject of much speculation by fans. That’s because little is known about the plot or how the production will affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, in a new interview, Samuel L. Jacksonprotagonist of the series, gave a hint of what we can expect from the project.

According to the actor, the series will explore the personal life of Nick Fury, showing a side of the character never seen before in the MCU. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson said:

“Well, [na série] I can have a lifetime as Nick Fury who is not Nick Fury in his work.” explained. “[Com a série] you can go home with me and see what I’m like at home, or when I’m alone, or when I’m not that strong, or when I take off the vest I wear on my back because Nick Fury is old. These are things you can’t normally do because the character keeps that kind of facade when things are happening, and that’s what movies are for, but when you can do a longer format you can show that every superhero has his hard moments.”

In the comics, Secret Invasion was the name of the mega-event published by Marvel between 2008 and 2009. In the story we discover that several Earth heroes were Skrulls in disguisewho waited until the moment to announce their great invasion and try to conquer the planet.

Secret Invasion was a major event in Marvel comics!

Considering that the film captain marvel established that the Skrulls are the good guys in the story, and that Spider-Man: Far From Home showed that they are working together with Nick Fury, it is unknown what the angle of this series will be. That’s because it seems unlikely that the aliens will take a villainous role in the project.

Kyle Bradstreetin Mr. robotis responsible for the script of the series Secret Invasion. In addition to Jackson, the cast of the series has Olivia Colman (The Crow), Kingsley Ben-Adir (One Night in Miami), Emilia Clarke (game of Thrones) and Ben Mendelsohn.

Secret Invasion does not yet have a release date.

Check out everything you need to know about the saga below. Secret Invasion from Marvel:

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