Scotch whiskey: male drink or power drink?

Among all the most exclusive and prestigious alcoholic beverages in the world, none speaks to the idea of ​​“male energy” more than whiskey. But why?

Last week I had the honor of representing Jornal de Brasília at the local launch of the commemorative bottle of one of the most exclusive whiskeys in the world: Royal Salute.

The brand created to honor Queen Elizabeth II, has always launched commemorative bottles referring to the royal family and its special dates, however, this new edition marks a marketing change when celebrating the Chinese New Year, which began on January 22 this year.

The event to present the new special edition had members of the press and strong digital influencers from the city, but, unlike what you see in this type of event, it was inevitable to notice a group of guests dressed in suits and ties, who kept in exclusive grouping and without any concern about taking photos or videos for Instagram.

They were members of the Attorney General’s Office and the Judiciary, invited, basically, because they are big drinkers and drinkers, which makes perfect sense. For a product whose entry price is higher than R$1,000.00 a bottle, it is to be expected that high wages are a prerequisite for being a consumer. But I believe there are more complex nuances in this relationship. In my view, it’s not just about salary, it’s about power.

I don’t know a woman who has been taught to truly appreciate a good whiskey. I lie, perhaps a single friend, who blatantly attributes to herself a masculine energy under the influence of her father, a man whose career certainly made him a man of power.

So, I ask: why is this power that emanates from whiskey still so concentrated in the male figure?

Of course, the Royal was a tribute to one of the most powerful women in the world and millionaire celebrities like Mila Kunis, Lady Gaga and Hillary Clinton, well-known whiskey connoisseurs as well.


But do we have judges, ministers, judges and local businesswomen with the same verve and appreciation for drinking? Are we not being introduced to the power of whiskey?

Well, I don’t know the answer to this question, but I know that it was the first time I was able to enjoy pure whiskey and in the form of incredible drinks and nothing sweet.

Special edition in honor of the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II

In keeping with tradition and its link with the British royal family, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, Royal Salute has launched The Royal Salute Platinum Jubilee Edition, an unprecedented collection of 7 bottles, which combines tradition and modernity, to honoring Elizabeth II’s seven decades on the throne.

The inspiration comes from seven iconic brooches from Her Majesty’s personal collection, whose designs were engraved in seven crystal decanters, packed in different-designed boxes, and in a color palette that reflects the Queen’s famous wardrobe.


The whiskey is a bespoke blend, finished for over two years in Tawny Port barrels – wine served during Elizabeth II’s Coronation Feast in 1953 – and includes some exceptionally aged whiskeys in seven silent stills, each now lost in time, from old ghost distilleries.

The Royal Salute Platinum Jubilee Edition is not for every pocket! The suggested price is US$ 20 thousand.

Maybe Royal Salute managed to put me on my power lane. Thank you, Royal Salute!


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