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São Paulo Brazil

Absurd scene.

Some Botafogo players were, this morning, undergoing medical treatment to recover from injuries. All lying on stretchers. Among them, Victor Sá, Diego Gonçalves, Del Piage, Kayque and Lucas Fernandes.

That’s when, with complete tranquility, about 40 members of the Fúria Jovem organized crowd entered the Medical Department.

And screaming, they began to intimidate the players. Charging the bad campaign in the Brazilian, which put the club in the relegation zone.

“What’s wrong, po…? You’re missing money in your pocket, po…?”, they yelled, surrounding the players lying down.

Meanwhile, other fans were pounding on the outpatient clinic doors, shouting at athletes who might be undergoing more intensive treatments or tests.

“Wake up, wake up, in that po…!”

They asked for the immediate departure of the football director, André Mazzuco.

Then there are images of fans hanging out together and laughing at the Training Center.

And they showed the track with the following phrases.

“Salaries on time. Missing ass!

“Cast of the Dead.”

Only after the invasion did members of the Military Police arrive and, calmly, the fans left the Medical Department.

Organized members promise to return in the afternoon, when all players will be at the Training Center.

The players were very scared, angry with the situation.

And also for the ease with which the ‘fans’ had access to the club’s medical department.

Botafogo has been experiencing a new financial reality since it became the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol. And American John Textor became the owner of 90% of the club.

At the end of 2021, the club owed more than R$1.1 billion. The billionaire Textor has pledged to put up R$400 million. In addition to setting up an absolutely professional management. He was hailed as a ‘sent from heaven’ by the Botafogo fans.

The club had dwindled, thanks to irresponsible, incompetent and even some of them suspicious administrations in recent decades. Hence the billion dollar debt.

But the expectations created were exaggerated. Portuguese coach Luís Castro was hired. As well as several athletes who cost together around R$ 65 million. It was more than anticipated that it would be difficult to form a real team. It takes time to find the perfect strategy, to bring together players who have never played on the same team.

But the idea sold by Textor himself was one of exaggerated optimism. That he would fight, at least, for a spot in the 2023 Libertadores.

On the field, however, what was seen was players lost, trying to understand what Luís Castro intended tactically.

In 11 matches, the disappointment.

Botafogo lost three games, drew three games and lost five. It is in the relegation zone in the Brazilian, in 17th place.

After the defeat to Avaí, on Monday, in the heart of the Nilton Santos stadium, the fans shouted at the end of the match, “I’m shameless”.

It was the fourth consecutive defeat.

Textor had already promised that it would spend at least another R$ 65 million on hiring in this mid-year window.

Fransérgio, from Bordeaux, Thiago Mendes, from Lyon are two athletes in negotiation.

The inexplicable thing is that, with all the security in the Lonier space, where the players were treated, the fans had free access.

The situation, unfortunately, is becoming common in Brazilian clubs.

With the leaders always very afraid of the organized supporters. Vandals have no limit. And they even threaten the lives of players and team directors in this country.

What happened today at Botafogo is a huge setback.

Especially for a club that promised to have a ‘first world’ administration.

And that should lead the American John Textor to rethink.

Understand the reality of Brazilian football.

Where are you putting your money?

It is not a simple investment.

Apply millions of dollars to form a strong team, win titles. And start profiting from the sale of young athletes to Europe.

Football is much more complex than that.

The regrettable invasion of Botafogo’s medical department is already proof.

Let him find out how the ‘fans’ were able to get in.

What was the role of the security guards working at the club?

Many intrusions that happened in the past, in other teams, were facilitated by the boards themselves, believing that the athletes needed a ‘shock treatment’.

Text to be informed.

It is not possible for a large, traditional and important club like Botafogo to be hostage to its organizations.

And that has already been relegated three times, for lack of money to assemble a competitive team.

Investment has now arrived.

But building a competitive team takes time.

But there is no forgiveness for what happened today.

The invasion of organized fans was shameful…

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