Smallville: Wonder Woman’s Bracelets Appeared In Scene From The Series And Many Didn’t Notice

The series “Smallville: The Adventures of Superboy” showed several easter eggs during its episodes. We previously showed a scene involving Lex Luthor in which Batman’s skeleton appears on the ground. In the same scene, it was still possible to see the bracelets of Wonder Womanplayed in theaters by Israeli actress Gal Gadot.

Check out the scene:

Credits – (The CW)

In the sixth episode of season 1 titled “Hourglass”, the character Lex Luthor appears in a vision of the future at the White House as the President of the United States. Soon after, the consequences of their choices are shown with the right to Batman’s skeleton and Wonder Woman’s bracelets scattered on the ground amid the heroes’ bones, indicating that a great battle took place resulting in their deaths.

Lex seems to like what he sees, indicating his ruthlessness and greed for power. Ever since he was saved by Clark Kent from a car accident, he has become interested in Superman’s hidden secrets.

See the details:

Photo – Reproduction/The CW Television Network, The WB

The series launched in the early 2000s showed the story of Clark Kent before he became Superman. After falling in Smalltown during a meteor shower, the boy is adopted by Martha and Jonatham Kent and tries to lead a life like any other teenager his age, but with the difference of carrying great powers and great responsibilities.

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