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Imagine having your iPhone stolen, turning on the locate function and realizing that it is almost 10,000 kilometers away. That’s exactly what happened to Daniel Yubi, an expert in digital payments. The report went viral on Twitter, with almost 36 thousand likes until the publication of this text.

In the post, Yubi still mocks saying that this is “the cycle of life”. He released a screenshot showing the device many miles from the crime scene.

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“The cycle of life”, mocks Yubi — Photo: Reproduction/Daniel Yubi

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According to the report, the theft took place in London, where the Twitter user currently lives. The native iPhone search function – which works even without internet – points out that the smartphone is currently in Shenzhen, a province in China that concentrates several electronic device factories. It is highly likely that the iPhone was produced in that same region. One of the mysteries concerns the path for the device to leave Europe and reach Asia.

Yubi does not specify the generation of the stolen iPhone, but it is possible to assume that it is at least the iPhone X, from 2017, given that the phone’s indicator has the notch on the screen.

It is not yet known what the specialist intends to do from now on. She could try to call the Chinese police, for example. There is also the option to have the iPhone locked remotely, from the control panel of iCloud, Apple’s cloud service.

Map of the Search function shows the location of the iPhone — Photo: Reproduction/Daniel Yubi

Followers are curious about the outcome of the story. There are those who believe that the thieves will dismantle the device to resell the parts. There may be some difficulty with this, as some components of Apple have a kind of DNA code and only work when they are together.

However, even more when considering that the procedure can take place in China, the largest iPhone factory on the planet, it could also be that criminals there already have tools to circumvent Apple’s security components.

with information from Daniel Yubi (Twitter)

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