The Worst Shows of 2022 (So Far)

Although 2022 has already given us some great movies and series, not all the productions released this year were as successful as they promised – or managed to convince us of the story portrayed.

With that in mind, and taking advantage of the fact that we are already finishing the first semester, we put together this brief list separating the worst series of the year yet.

Among our choices, we have the biopic ‘Inventing Anna’ that, even with good intentions, has not managed to break free from the formulas of the genre or balance the problems of pacing, and the latest season of ‘(Dis)Enchant’which again made the same mistakes as in previous cycles.

Check it out below and let us know what else you think should be on this list:


Enjoy watching:

“The big problem of ‘Cuphead – The Series’ is not knowing which way to go. We have the constancy of a considerable number of characters who stray from their main objectives and resume them in the midst of frantic events; we have one design spectacular, courtesy of Lighthouse Studios, known for its famous 2D animations; and we have a dubbing cast that doesn’t lose the hand of the caricature of the protagonists and supporting actors to throw us back to the past; In the end, this is worthless when the narrative is based on old-fashioned formulas that do not do justice to the personas that we learn to love.” – Thiago Nola

‘The Woman’s Neighbor in the Window’ has the heart in the right place, but that doesn’t mean the result is good. Pleasant, perhaps, in some of its more uninhibited aspects – but, in the midst of so many setbacks and events, it engulfs itself in the material it criticizes and is saved only by a charismatic and amusing interpretation by Kristen Bell.” – TN

“Created by Jeff Astrof from the story of Sharon Horganthe main problem in ‘Shining Valley‘ is not deciding if you want to be comedy or if you want to be thriller with ghostly terror. For the sake of the plot, it would be very good for the series to choose the second option, because the situations and dialogues that should be funny ended up becoming embarrassing, either because of the situation itself, or because of the bad performance of the cast” – Janda Montenegro


“The 4th season of ‘(Dis)Enchant’ stands in the middle of the way – again. The creators’ attempt to expose original elements is noticeable, but eventually, we see ten episodes of an endless sameness that is overshadowed, in part, by the chemistry of the characters and by how their arcs merge into an explosive and fun. nonsense.” – TN

“Despite good intentions, ‘Inventing Anna’ suffers from ailments similar to recent incursions by Rhimes and the production company Shondaland – the inexplicable and unnecessary extent it has to tell a single story. The miniseries is made up of only eight episodes, each one lasting more than an hour, which hinders the pace and keeps us from really wanting to know the outcome, even though we already foresee it (and this is something that also happens with the long-lived ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, who continues to recycle the formulas he created with expressive monotony).” – TN

“Disowned by Disney itself since the publicity, the Boba Fett series didn’t justify itself. Apart from the episodes in which he practically does not appear, in which the universe is better explored, little has developed or expanded from the classic movie universe. At the end of the series, there is a feeling that she has not been able to justify her own existence and that perhaps it would have been better to invest that money in the third season of ‘The Mandalorian’ than shelling out millions of dollars on a ‘passing through’ production so that the public wouldn’t forget this core.” – Pedro Sobreiro


“The first season of ‘summer season‘ starts with characters having panic attacks without us understanding why, or running away from a kiss with no explanation, and so on. Although some things are quickly explained throughout the episodes, little is deepened, and absolutely nothing is developed before the situations happen. The result of this choice is completely predictable actions by the characters and a lot of doubt for those who are watching.” – JM

“Incredibly, the narrative, centered on just two personasbecomes so profuse and confusing that it is difficult to understand the real motivations until about halfway through the season, when the architected organism adjusts to be taken to the grand finale. Furthermore, the creative team loses focus several times in the chapters, channeling efforts into the shocking trauma Henry faced and neglecting all other aspects we would like to see.” – TN


“As the plot progresses, almost nothing seems to happen and all the mystery and interest of the spectator falls apart… All the mysteries and secrets, at a given moment, become more and more boring than exciting. Yes, here and there we have flashes of creativity, where the thing seems, again, to be interesting, however, soon after, the ending kicks away the attention of those who are still following the show.” – Wilker Medeiros

“Only Hilary Duff saves itself in embarrassing ”How I Met Your Father’, and, come to think of it, not even she’s very good at the plot, but considering that everything else is pretty forgettable, it’s easy to stand out. At least fans of the original version are covered in episode 6, with the special participation of the dear robin (Cobie Smulders) in the new series” – JM

After years away from the screens, the iconic Mike Myers made a return to the entertainment world with the comedy miniseries ‘The Pentavirate’which arrived at Netflix a few weeks ago – and no one understood how anyone could have given the green light to such a production. Inspired by the film’s conspiracy theories ‘A Bride and So Much’1993, the production was far from causing any semblance of laughter on the part of the audience – who watched an impassive Myers fail to do what he does best.

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