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The United States on Monday accused Russia of not cooperating in negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. The administration of Joe Biden hopes that the Russian offensive can end through dialogue and, in the meantime, it pledges to continue helping Ukraine to “defend its democracy”.

“We hoped that [a invasão russa da Ucrânia] ended with negotiations. But right now, we don’t see that intention on the part of the Kremlin,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press conference.

For the United States, “Russia could immediately end the war in Ukraine, which is devastating global food security, and allow the free flow of Ukrainian food and agricultural exports.” He also says that the regime of Vladimir Putin does not do it just for lack of will, despite saying that it is committed to negotiating peace. Faced with this, Karine Jean-Pierre said that the United States will “continue to assist Ukraine and help it defend its democracy”, helping to put Ukrainians “in the place of greatest possible strength”, when the Russia is “truly” willing to negotiate peace.

In a new video posted on Monday night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky referred to the latest fighting in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine as “one of the most brutal battles fought in Europe and across Europe”. where Ukraine regained territories despite Russia’s “significant advantage” in military terms.

Volodymyr Zelensky also promised that he will “liberate” all the territories occupied by the Russians and “rebuild everything that was destroyed by the invaders”. “From Volnovakha to Chortkiv. Because this is Ukraine,” he said.

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