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In early June, Shopee started a new policy of benefits for consumers, among them, is the elimination of free shipping with no minimum value and good discounts only on purchases made through the app.

In May, the company had already made some changes in this regard, when it increased from R$20.00 to R$29.00 for the minimum value so that the user had free shipping on products with a seal. As for purchases without a promotional seal, the minimum value went from R$ 50.00 to R$ 59.00.

Even today, it is possible to have access to daily discounts through the website. However, to have access to the best promotions, such as free shipping on purchases of up to BRL 20.00 and discount coupons of up to 50% for products with a minimum value of BRL 10.00, you must be a new user and carry out the transactions by the application.

dissatisfied users

Many users lost patience with the changes to the online store and expressed themselves through Twitter to show their dissatisfaction, especially with the end of free shipping of unlimited value.

In fact, some users recalled the beginning of Shopee’s operations in the country, when not only free shipping was offered, but also 70% discount on various products.

Changes for tenants

The changes at Shopee didn’t just affect shoppers. As of June 1st of this year, merchants have two levels of commission, a standard 12% and a standard 12% plus 6% for those who wish to participate in the Extra Free Shipping Program.

In addition, the marketplace also increased the commission amount from R$3.00 to R$5.00 for each product sold by sellers using CPF.

The measures are intended to balance the loss of the company’s operation in Brazil, in addition to formalizing the sellers in the region.

Brazilian businessmen accuse Shopee and other stores that import from China of unfair competition, for theoretically using “maneuvers” to collect less taxes in the country.

Finally, Shopee denies any wrongdoing and claims to comply with all local laws.

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