13″ MacBook Pro (M2) and dual charger are now on sale

At the beginning of the week, we commented here that the “new” 13 inch MacBook Pro with M2 processor would go on sale today. And here we are: the computer can now be pre-purchased at the Apple Store Online, with shipping on June 23 for the basic model, and can be customized — but in this case, it will take longer to arrive.

The funny thing is that, if it were a model with more tangible and significant news, the sending of any model would already be for weeks from now at this point and customizations would be very limited. How did I bring the AppleInsider, shortly after sales began, in fact it was only possible to buy, in the United States, the most basic configuration of the computer and another specific one. Two hours later, however, all models were available with varying lead times.

As determined by MacMagazine, it is also possible to buy in Brazil any configuration of the 13″ MacBook Pro with M2. Only the most basic model, however, has shipping for next Thursday; all others require a wait of between three and six weeks, depending on the level of customization. This probably means that demand is not high, but certainly that supply is not being outstripped by demand.

Prices start at R$14,500 (or R$13,050 in cash) for the 256GB model, and R$16,500 (or R$14,850 in cash) for the 512GB model. In the US, the amounts are US$1,300 and US$1,500, respectively.

Dual USB-C charger

“Not to say I didn’t mention the flowers”, Apple at least started selling some thing with new design today. In this case, it is the 35W charger with two USB-C inputs, presented on the WWDC22.

Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Brazil, where it will cost R$590, but it is already being sold in Portugal (for €65) and in the United States (for US$60) in compact and standard models.

The accessory supports the USB-C protocol Power Delivery and can charge up to two devices at the same time. The power, however, is split if more than one is connected, which should slow down charging while both are on simultaneously.

Featured alongside the new MacBook Air (also with an M2 chip), the charger comes with the more expensive version of the laptop.

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