Amber Heard is financially broke; find out what happens if the actress doesn’t pay millionaire compensation to Johnny Deep! – 06/03/2022

Amber Heard’s situation is not good at all. After being sentenced to pay 15 million dollars (about 71 million reais) for defamation to Johnny Depp, the actress is living in a chaotic situation financially speaking.

For starters, according to The New York Post, Amber was already struggling even before the lawsuit with Depp. The newspaper found that the actress had been having extraordinary expenses with travel, clothes and gifts.

In fact, Heard’s lawyers are reportedly being paid out of a homeowners insurance policy. According to attorney Heather Heidelbaugh, this is a very common choice in defamation cases in the United States.

Under most home insurance policies, there is coverage if you are sued for defamation based on how much you pay for coverage.

However, according to attorney Jeremiah Denton, these contracts have an important limit:

Many insurance policies provide coverage for defamation, but they have an exception that says: We will not cover any intentional tort. To win a defamation suit against a public figure, you must show an intentional wrongdoing. Sometimes what it takes to get judgment kicks you out of the policy that you could pay for judgment. That’s the dilemma.

Despite being ordered to pay $15 million, Amber only owes Depp around eight million dollars – as the amount had to be adjusted to match the ceiling stipulated by the state of Virginia. , and the actor must also pay two million dollars to Amber.

But what if the actress can’t pay?

In an interview with CBS News, American law expert Jessica Levinson answered this question:

– If she says: Look, I don’t have it. [Esse dinheiro] It is not there ? You can look at my bank accounts, so we can talk about things like pawning your paycheck. This is not an unusual situation for someone to say: I don’t have ? I cannot fulfill this. And I certainly think that because [Heard] has earning potential, part of your salary may be pawned as a result.

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