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Several money making apps are available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, and some can actually provide you with a form of extra income. On some of these platforms, the tasks offered to earn rewards are simple, like watching videos, taking surveys, and even taking pictures of places. However, each service has a payment system, so they can compensate users with virtual currencies, gift cards or real money. To stay tuned and actually receive rewards, here are five apps that give money and how they work.

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Money, cashback and offers: see ways apps offer to earn real money — Photo: Tainah Tavares/TechTudo

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Google Opinion Rewards is an application available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones that rewards users for answering surveys, usually based on location history and Google searches. For those who have an Android smartphone, payment is made in credits to use in the Google Play Store, as in the purchase of applications and premium subscriptions. On iPhone, the app cannot yet be used in Brazil.

Google Opinion Rewards may offer cash rewards or credits on the Google App Store — Photo: Playback / Google Play Store

Available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, MeSeems is an app where users are rewarded with points for sharing experiences, opinions and answering surveys. When registering, the user must select topics of interest so that the system sends surveys according to the consumption profile.

Each answered questionnaire is equivalent to scores called “Seems”. From 1,000 Seems, it is possible to purchase credits on the cell phone, food vouchers at partner restaurants and gift cards from R$20 to R$50 at department stores. To answer the questionnaires, open the app and tap the “Surveys” icon, located in the lower left corner of the screen, and see the available ones.

From 1,000 Seems users can exchange gift cards, vouchers and cell phone recharges — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

The social network TikTok has a monetization system where users can earn money in different ways, such as inviting other friends to the app. Another possibility is to complete the missions proposed by the platform, such as posting a video with a recommended song.

Also, TikTok has a feature called “Donations”, where other users can contribute coins to other profiles, which are converted into cash. Users with more than a thousand followers can make lives and receive “rubies” from other accounts, and 50% of the amount received is converted into reais. Scores achieved can be exchanged for real money via bank transfer.

To access the rewards area, open your profile and tap on the golden coin located in the upper left corner. The tab will show the invites and quests that grant rewards.

TikTok offers multiple ways to monetize users — Photo: Kon Karampelas/Unsplash

PicPay, an application that works as a digital wallet, also has tools to generate extra income. For each invited friend who enters the promotional code and makes a payment with a credit card, the app pays R$10. It is possible to invite up to 55 people, totaling R$550. In addition, when making payments with the app or purchases at accredited stores, such as Shopee, there are cashbacks of up to 20% that return in balance to the wallet.

To access the benefits, open the app and tap on “Available promotions”. There, it is possible to view the accredited stores to earn cashback and receive the money back in the PicPay wallet.

In addition to a digital wallet, PicPay offers resources for users to earn extra money — Photo: Reproduction/Gabriela Andrade

The Iti Itaú digital wallet also offers possibilities for extra earnings, such as inviting friends to the app. In the first and second indication, the user receives BRL 5 for each, and from the third the value increases to BRL 10. There is a limitation of 51 invitations per user, which totals a gain of BRL 500.

Another way to earn money in the app is by completing the missions suggested in “Itimania”, such as making cell phone top-ups, receiving payments or transferring money. Each mission type has a certain value and all rewards are paid within ten working days.

To access quests, open the app and tap “Access benefits” at the bottom of the screen. In iti benefits, go to “View all” and then open “Itimania”. There, it will be possible to check the missions of the month to earn rewards.

Cashback and missions offer financial return to users — Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/TechTudo

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