Brusque School develops stingless bee breeding project

Breeding stingless bees has provided many lessons for students from nursery II to fifth grade at the Edith Krieger Zabel Elementary School, in Cristalina, in Brusque.

The project started at the end of 2018, as a result of students’ curiosity to know more about the subject. On that occasion, a beehive of the Jataí species was installed on the school wall, arousing in the students a mixture of fear and curiosity.

File: Ciro Groh

“The children were afraid of the bees at first, but curiosity spoke louder, as they were very curious to see them”, explains the school’s director, Elaine Petermann.

The help of Valdecir Petermann, who is the father of one of the students and works in the agro-industry, was fundamental at that time. It was he who gave the director the first information on how to position traps to capture other stingless bees.

From there, the project took shape. The children embraced the cause and the school, which is a reference when it comes to sustainability, has advanced in this regard and currently has 19 boxes housing eight species:

– Jataí
– Mandaçaia
– Nigriceps
– Mirim Droryana
– Mirim Guaçu
– Bugia
– Lace-up
– Guaraipo

Teamwork at school

Record made at Edith Krieger Elementary School/File: Ciro Groh

With the creation of stingless bees, the school seeks to be an example in sustainability and working together both in preservation, as well as in the attentive look at the issue of pollination, highlights director Elaine.

“Children build bait for catching insects, offer artificial food when needed, transfer and divide nests, plant flowers and tend to the vegetable garden. It’s a team effort where you need to know in order to love and preserve, she explains.

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Photo gallery

To close, check out the images that illustrate the daily lives of children, students at Edith Krieger Zabel Elementary School.


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