Corinthians is denounced for homophobic chants in classic against São Paulo

O Corinthians was summoned to appear at the Plenary of the Superior Court of Sports Justice, in Rio de Janeiro, next Thursday, at 10:00 am (Brasília time), on account of the homophobic chants sung by the crowd in the most recent classic against Sao Pauloplayed at Neo Química Arena, on May 22.

The club was denounced by the Fourth Disciplinary Committee of the STJD, in case number 0429/2022, responding to two different articles: 213 (items I and III) of the CBJD, and 243-G of the CBJD.

These articles concern “disorders in your sports arena” and “throwing objects in the field or place of the sporting event” (213), in addition to “practicing a discriminatory, contemptuous or outrageous act, related to prejudice due to origin ethnicity, race, sex, color, age, elderly or disabled person” (243-G).

The penalty of article 243-G, in the event of an infraction “practiced simultaneously by a considerable number of people linked to the same sporting entity”, is the “loss of the number of points awarded for a victory in the competition regulations, regardless of the result”. of the match, event or equivalent, and, in the case of recurrence, with the loss of twice the number of points awarded for a victory in the competition rules”.

There is also a fine that can range from R$100 to R$100,000 and, if the fans are identified, “they will be prohibited from entering the respective sports center for a minimum period of seven hundred and twenty days”.

The penalty for article 213 (items I and III), relating to a lighter thrown on the lawn, can be directed to the fan if he is identified by the alvinegro club.

Both homophobic chants and objects thrown on the field were reported by the match referee, Wilton Pereira Sampaio, on the score sheet. At the time, he wrote:

“I inform you that in the 29th minute of the first half, in the procedure for collecting the corner kick of the São Paulo Futebol Clube team, I was informed by athlete number 6, Reinaldo Manoel da Silva, that coins and a lighter were thrown towards him, without hitting him, coming from the place where the Corinthians fans were”, begins the document.

“During the break, we were informed by members of the São Paulo technical commission that homophobic chants were being sung by the Corinthians fans against the visiting team. In this way, we asked the delegate of the match, Victor André Rodriguez Ballesteros, to be requested through the sound system of the stadium that the aforementioned chants be stopped. We inform you that the procedure was carried out as requested”.

After that, he reiterated “that after the communication from the stadium’s sound system, the refereeing team no longer identified the chants of this nature and the match continued”, wrote Sampaio. This may weigh in favor of Timon at trial.

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