Cruzeiro can close Serie B round with 13 points ahead of 5th place

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Cruzeiro is alone in the lead in Serie B, with 31 points out of 39 possible

The isolated leader of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, with 31 points out of a possible 39, Cruzeiro could finish the 13th round with up to 13 points ahead of the fifth place in the leaderboard. However, for this to happen, the Fox will need to rely on stumbling blocks from three opponents who are also in the fight for access.

Here’s how Serie B ranks:

  • Cruzeiro – 31 points in 13 games
  • Bahia – 25 points in 13 games
  • Vasco – 24 points in 12 games
  • Sport – 19 points in 12 games
  • Grmio – 18 points in 12 games
  • Worker – 16 points in 13 games
  • Cricima – 16 points in 12 games
  • Tombense – 16 points in 12 games

Another favorable result for Cruzeiro in the round was the defeat of Bahia to Chapecoense, by 1-0, at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador, this Tuesday (14th). The Bahian team missed the chance to take the lead.

Now, the Bahians could even lose 2nd place if Vasco wins against Londrina, this Saturday (18th), at 4pm, at the Café’s stadium, in Londrina, Paraná.

Grmio (5th, with 18 points), Cricima (7th, with 16) and Tombense (8th, with 16) will still take the field in this round and will have the chance to close the distance for the Minas Gerais club.

Cruzeiro started the 13th round with 10 points ahead of the first team outside the G4. In the worst case, this difference will be maintained.

Remaining games of the 13th round:

  • Cricima x Brusque – Friday (17), at 7 pm, at Heriberto Hlse, in Cricima (SC)
  • CRB x Ituano – Friday (17), at 21:30, at Ri Pel, in Macei (AL)
  • Grmio vs Sampaio Corra – Saturday (18), at 11 am, at the Arena, in Porto Alegre (RS)
  • London x Vasco – Saturday (18), at 16:00, at the Café stadium, in Londrina (PR)
  • Novorizontino vs Tombense – Saturday (18), at 4 pm, at Jorjo, in Novo Horizonte (SP)
  • Nutico x Sport – Saturday (18), at 6:30 pm, in Aflitos, in Recife (PE)
  • Guarani x CSA – Sunday (19), at 11 am, at Brinco de Ouro, in Campinas (SP)

Scenarios for Cruzeiro keep 13 points for 5th place

– Cricima draw or defeat

– Defeat of Grmio

– Draw or defeat Tombense

Cenrios for Cruzeiro keep 12 points for 5th place

– Grmio tie

– Defeat of Sport

Scenarios for Cruzeiro keep 11 points for 5th place

– Victory of Grmio

– Sport draw

Scenarios for Cruzeiro keep 10 points for 5th place

– Victory of Grmio

– Sport victory

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