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A real star with a capital A, Tom Cruise is synonymous with great quality entertainment. And it has maintained that status for no less than four decades. The difference between cruise and most of the great actors still in activity (some even longer than him), is that their films continue to profit absurdly for the studios, just having the name of the star linked to them. Tom Cruise he is one of the few veteran actors who still manage to drag crowds to theaters with the weight of his presence, no matter what the film is – this is because we know that his involvement in a production is synonymous with quality.

His latest blockbuster, Top Gun: Maverick, keeps on giving you something to talk about. It was exactly 36 years of waiting for us to see the long-awaited continuation of Top Gun: Indomitable Aces (1986), a film that transformed the then young Tom Cruise (aged 24) into one of Hollywood’s biggest powerhouses. The new top gun received a standing ovation at the prestigious Cannes festival, with the right to the presence of a cruise thrilled. The feature was ready for release since 2020, but with the pandemic it was postponed numerous times. Perhaps at that time, the filmmakers were able to fine-tune the final result, which proved to be “the” great success of this first half of 2022.

Part of the fun of seeing an overproduction of Tom Cruise on the big screen – don’t expect to see a direct-streaming star release, at least for now – is in the fact that Cruise performs most of his own stunts and stunts, without the use of stunt doubles. This brings a greater veracity to the scenes. The tireless, unbreakable and invincible star was no different in the new top gunpiloting some of the film’s fighter jets himself and participating in many of their scenes, sitting in the cockpit of real jets.

With that in mind, in this new article we will unveil some of the next great releases in the filmography of Tom Cruise, to inform you, dear reader, of what awaits you in the coming years. Fasten your seat belts, the adrenaline is guaranteed. Check it out below.

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Yes, dear reader. The seventh film in the franchise Mission Impossible is the next project triggered by Tom Cruise, and already has a guaranteed release date for July next year. It’s curious to think that Top Gun: Maverick it is only the third continuation of the star’s career, the first being this franchise. Perhaps not even he knew that the original 1996 film would yield one of the longest-running and most successful movie series of all time. When he signed on to production, cruise and the director Brian De Palma they were only willing to make a good action-thriller movie, which adapted a classic spy series from the 1960s to the big screen.

From then on there were a total of five sequels until 2018, with then the last episode, fallout effect (the one with the infamous Superman mustache). In the directorial chairs of the franchise’s films, people of the John Woo, JJ Abrams and Brad Birdup until Christopher McQuarrie sit comfortably at the helm of the last three features, including the never-before-seen Settlement of Accounts – Part 1. The trailer is already on the air (or on the internet) for everyone who wants to check it out, but the plot has not yet been specified. All we know is that it will bring back some femme fatales from the franchise, like Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) and the White Widow (Vanessa Kirby), plus the addition of two more: Grace (Hayley Atwell) and Pom Klementieff (Mantis, from Guardians of the Galaxy) in an undisclosed character – but from the trailer we can guess to be a skilled assassin. The film is in the post-production phase.

You might be wondering why the “Part 1” in the title of Mission: Impossible 7, right? Well, the reason is self-explanatory: films seven and eight are basically a single long film split in two. Something like Kill Bill, It: The Thing and the recent Dune. This strategy has been used since Harry Potter split his latest book into two films, part 1 and part 2, earning double the box office of just one production. That is, apparently, Mission: Impossible 8 will be the direct continuation of the seventh film, which should leave the ending open, probably with a huge hook that will make us writhe in anxiety. by the title, Account Settlement, we imagine that some villain or organization will settle accounts with Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team. Or maybe they are the ones who will set things right with the agency that invalidated them.

All we really know is that part 8 of the franchise is being filmed right now, and will feature the return of most of the “players” from part 7, which include Ferguson, Kirby, atwell and Klementieffin addition to franchise veterans Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames. Ah yes, one of the most interesting elements, so far, of these films together is the return of Henry Czerny like Eugene Kitridge, a character back in 1996, from the first Mission Impossible. Kitridge was the head of Cruise’s team, and when she is eliminated with only him surviving, his aforementioned superior begins to suspect a dirty move on the protagonist’s part, suspecting him to be the traitor. So, from the first episode, Hunt has to clear his name, while evading other agents. Kitridge’s return in the two new episodes could mean the closing of a cycle, raising the hypothesis that these are the last films in the franchise, at least starring Tom Cruise and your Ethan Hunt.

As said, Tom Cruise has become an actor who prides himself on doing his own stunts. This ends up serving as a great attraction for the public when they go to watch his super productions – always expecting a greater veracity of the scenes. The fact even became a publicity piece when selling such films, with the directors announcing the actor’s latest feat and showing behind the scenes for everyone to buy the idea. See, for example, the last Mission Impossible (fallout effect), in which cruise jumped from one building to another and broke his ankle (but not before completing the feat), piloted and hung on a helicopter, and even made an impressive parachute jump from the Earth’s stratosphere.

Following this same line, the new star project arrives. Tom Cruise has performed the most unbelievable acts in his films without the use of stunt doubles. But after all the actor’s antics in the franchise Mission Impossibleand the show aboard the jets of Top Gun: Maverick, what is left for the actor to do? How about shooting a movie entirely in space? That’s the idea of ​​Cruise, and the filmmakers Christopher McQuarrie (who writes the script) and Doug Liman (who will direct). In fact, the still untitled film is already in pre-production and should be the next release in the actor’s career after the twins. Mission Impossible seven and eight. Gravity (2013), from Alfonso Cuarón, was intended to be a film set entirely in space, using only two actors; however, everything was just simulated behind the scenes. The goal of Cruise and the filmmakers here is to actually fly the actor into space and film the production entirely off Earth. For the deed, Tom Cruise boarded the billionaire wave Elon Musk and its SpaceX, the company that plans to soon make commercial flights into space and colonize Mars.

The project has even been described as a “Tom Cruise and SpaceX film”. If everything goes according to plan, this will be the first Hollywood and the world’s first movie filmed entirely in space, that is, leave it to a star the size of Tom Cruise break this record. The venture will be fruitful for both parties, as SpaceX will strengthen itself with its feat of setting up a movie studio in space, taking another step in its goal of taking humans off Earth in search of a new planet that will serve us from home. It’s still too early to talk about the plot of the long, but when it comes to those involved, we can expect nothing less than something epic.

Tom Cruise already has its next three projects in the pipeline. While enjoying the resounding success of Top Gun: Maverickthe actor has already prepared the seventh Mission Impossible to premiere in July 2023, and at that moment he is filming the eighth feature, with a promised release for 2024. In this way, we hope that his “space movie” mentioned above will receive a premiere date for 2025. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the worldwide distribution will be from Universal Pictures and the initially planned budget is $200 million. Not bad. Were you thinking filming in space would be cheap? But the next projects Tom Cruise don’t stop there. After sequences for top gun and Mission Impossiblethe star has been working on the continuation of one of his most recent hits: On the Edge of Tomorrow (The Edge of Tomorrow), 2014.

The film, his third science fiction set in the future (after Minority Report and oblivion) grossed over $370 million worldwide for Warner to become a hit. The work is based on the book ‘All You Need is Kill’, by the Japanese Hiroshi Sakurazakaand repeat the double Doug Liman and Christopher McQuarrie – with the first directing and the second writing the script. The plot is a kind of time spell (1993) finds Independence Day (1996) and Aliens – The Rescue (1986). Earth is invaded by seemingly invincible aliens, and humans must go to war to resist being completely decimated. In this context, Cruise is a cowardly soldier enlisted for combat, who tries in every way to avoid him. The character is a break from the standards of roles that the star always plays, that is, honorable and fearless heroes.

Who puts him in line is the “Iron Shrew”, “affectionate” nickname of the young woman’s character Emily Blunt in the movie (Full Metal Bitch in the original), a tough officer. In combating creatures, soldiers use an exoskeleton, a kind of hollow armor, armed to the teeth. The big quirk behind the plot is that every time Cruise’s character is killed in combat, he’s back where he started, living the same day of his enlistment all over again. This time lapse is the joke that makes him like time spellbut here something more geared towards the generation of modern video games.

So, cruise and the directors have been talking about the sequel for some time, which is still announced in the actor’s filmography. It may be that after taking the three priorities mentioned above out of the way, the star finally dedicates himself completely to the sequel, which so far has the title Live Die Repeat and Repeat – since the original was almost not called Live Die Repeat. In addition to Cruise, Emily Blunt and the director Doug Liman are linked to the sequel project, but Christopher McQuarrie for now is not involved. In the script, at that moment, the names of Jez Butterworth (also from the original and from Ford vs. Ferrari) and Matthew Robinson (in Love and Monsters).

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