European giant is about to announce the hiring of Lukaku, says journalist


Belgian did not surrender at Chelsea

Luton Town v Chelsea: The Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round
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Regarded as one of the main signings of the season that just ended, Belgian Romelu Lukaku, once again, ended up disappointing in the Premier League. Despite a good start, when he scored goals in four consecutive matches, the striker soon dropped in performance, losing space in the team.

The situation got even worse when Lukaku publicly expressed signs of dissatisfaction at Chelsea, which ended up taking a bad turn with the London team’s management, which began to seriously consider his departure, which is about to happen.

Lukaku close to being made official by Inter

That’s because, according to Nico Schira, Inter Milan has reached an agreement with Chelsea for the loan of the Belgian, who will return to where he lived at the height of his career. Schira also claims that the striker accepted a considerable salary reduction, from 12 million to 8.

In this way, the player should travel to Milan in the next few weeks and, if all goes well, Lukaku will already be present in the team’s pre-season.

Lukaku played for Inter Milan for just two seasons, but enough to put him in the club’s history. Overall, there were 95 games played, with 64 goals scored and 17 assists provided, in addition to the Serie A title.

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