Perhaps your intelligence is greater than you thought; check the signs

Maybe you are smarter than you ever thought you would be. This is because several studies have linked some habits and characteristics with high intelligence. It’s worth taking a look at the list to see if you fall into the ranks of the great human minds.

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Traits that may indicate high intelligence

Check out what are the signs that can signal an above average intelligence among all people. Remember that this information is based on scientific studies, but they are still speculations and curiosities.

Check the list:

1 – Have you ever taken music lessons or learned to play on your own

A study carried out in 2013, the smartest children are those who have had the opportunity to study music. This practice helps to develop important cognitive characteristics, which enhance skills that are linked to learning and intelligence.

Glenn Schellenberg did research in 2004 to show that 6-year-olds who took keyboard lessons scored higher on IQ tests.

2 – Owning cats or having affection for felines

Cat owners tend to outperform other people in competitions. This was observed through the studies of Denise Guastello, in the United States. 600 students were interviewed to arrive at this result.

3 – The sooner you learn to read, the better.

Reading is proven to be one of the best tools to develop the intelligence of a human being. A child in full cognitive and mental development can benefit greatly from this tactic.

This means that the earlier a child starts to read, the smarter they tend to be. If you started reading very early, know that you can be much smarter than you thought.

4 – Night habits can be a sign of intelligence

A study published by Personality and Individual Differences showed that people who are nocturnal may have higher intelligence.

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