Photoshop decides to make free plan available on the web version

Many graphic design and presentation service platforms offer basic plans as a trial. In this case, those who want more specific features have the opportunity to purchase other subscriptions, taking advantage of support and other payer benefits.

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The launch of Photoshop Web took place in 2021 and passed several acceptability tests. The first experiences were recorded in Canada, where they were successful and made the last adjustments to allow access in other countries that already know the software.

Photoshop Web has some advantages and makes access to professional editing programs more accessible

Possibly, the free tools will be those linked to filters for images and moving layers. This version, in addition to being light, for computers that do not support heavy programs, is collaborative, allowing simultaneous editing in complex jobs.

Adobe has not yet mentioned all the changes and what will actually be targeted for free. However, they stated that this is a method of publicizing their digital solutions and a gateway for the public to get to know their portfolio in an uncomplicated way.

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