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In addition to commodities, road corridor paves the way for integration with South America

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A road corridor, the Bioceanic Route should be completed in three years and expand the State’s integration with South American countries. Owner of 1,517 kilometers of border with Paraguay and Bolivia, Mato Grosso do Sul will be the birthplace of a 2,396 kilometer road that will reach the ports of Chile.

In the economic aspect, the route will shorten exports to Asia: soy, cellulose, meat, iron ore. However, in addition to commodities, the road corridor opens the way for tourism.

According to the study “Notes on the Brazil-Northern Chilean Bioceanic Corridor: Economy, Logistics, Law, History and Tourism”, diagnosis prepared by the UFMS (Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul), Porto Murtinho, on the border with Carmelo Peralta (Paraguay). ), receives only 6% of the total flow of visitors who come to the State for fishing. In the locality, another segment with great potential is birdwatching.

However, the border municipality, portal of the Bioceanic Route, has limitations in essential areas: reduced number of accommodation facilities, low availability of beds, low number of restaurants and space for events. There is no urban transport system and the offer of locomotion apps is occasional.

Of the BRL 18.4 billion budget in 2022, Mato Grosso do Sul allocated BRL 13.1 million to the Tourism Foundation. The amount results from R$ 8.2 million from resources from the state treasury, R$ 3.9 million from an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism, in addition to R$ 980 thousand collected from recreational services, agreements and leases.

According to the Tourism Foundation, Mato Grosso do Sul received approximately 850 thousand tourists in 2021.

O Campo Grande News questioned the pre-candidates about the measures that will be adopted to encourage tourism in Mato Grosso do Sul and to provide Porto Murtinho, the Bioceanic Route portal, with infrastructure to serve visitors.

Marquinhos Trad (PSD)

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The Bioceanic Route, associated with the Latin American Integration Route (RILA), is a project that has the capacity to exponentially increase the importance of our state in the national and even international scenario, with greater interaction between the state and the countries involved: the Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.

The State needs to prepare itself in every way so that we are not just a passageway, but so that the economic transformations of a grandiose project like this are positive for Mato Grosso do Sul. Tourism is an activity that has everything to have an expressive development, creating opportunities.

With the construction of the bridge connecting Porto Murtinho to Carmelo Peralta in Paraguay, there will be an incalculable increase in demand for services, not only in Porto Murtinho, but in all the cities that are on the route, such as Jardim, Guia Lopes and Nioaque. The State should be a facilitator for companies in the tourism sector such as hotels, restaurants and convention centers to set up in these cities.

There will be a need to qualify the local workforce dedicated to these services, such as language teaching, for example. We will work on fiscal policies that attract entrepreneurs to Porto Murtinho, which already has fishing tourism, but which has the possibility of attracting people with different interests and also to the other cities on the Route.

André Puccinelli (MDB)

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The commercial exploitation of tourism is a private activity, but it is up to the state to lead initiatives that create the necessary conditions for the growth of the sector. Tourism generates many jobs, it is the industry without chimneys.

The role of the public administration is to encourage agreements between the sector and the tourism secretariats of the municipalities, with the creation of Tourist Assistance Centers (CATs) and with the implementation of professional qualification courses in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In Porto Murtinho, as in other municipalities, the important thing is to offer local managers information and improvement courses so that they can see the enormous economic advantages that tourism can offer for development, progress and jobs in the city. The arrival of the Bioceanic Route can and should be the ideal moment for this discussion to gain relevance.

Rose Modesto (Union Brazil)

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The bioceanic route can transform our state into a major logistical junction, due to the strategic position between the markets of Brazil, Asia and South and North America. However, the state government needs to anticipate and organize the growth that will come with the increase in the flow of vehicles and tourists in the cities along the route, and work to minimize social and environmental impacts, among others.

By definition, a tourist is someone who travels, for more than 24 hours, to a destination far from home, not just on vacation. Therefore, the thousands of truck drivers that will be able to travel along the route, once activated, will be immediate customers for the tourist sector.

Therefore, we are going to create incentive policies to expand the number of companies – hotels, bars, restaurants, gas stations, that serve these tourists and others who will come, attracted by the beauties of MS. But the full development of tourism depends on infrastructure, training and dissemination.

In Porto Murtinho and other cities along the route, investments in this tripod will be simultaneous: training of local labor; improvements in infrastructure to support the flow of vehicles and people, such as roads, security, sewage, and dissemination of itineraries that include attractions throughout the state.

To make these actions viable, we will rely on resources from the state treasury, support from the federal bench, partnerships with city halls, the federal government and the private sector – nationally and internationally. We will also review Fundtur’s budget and offer qualification and guidance to city hall technicians for the preparation of fundraising projects. This is the MS that we will make, prosperous and fair for all.

Captain Count (PRTB)

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Our state has several regions that, in addition to having great tourist potential, are production flow routes. This is the case, for example, of Porto Murtinho, on the border with Paraguay, rich in history, culture and with a diversity of tourism, tours, adventure and, now, also the portal of the Bioceanic Route.

The bioceanic corridor will be extremely important for the commercial and economic growth of all of Brazil, especially for Mato Grosso do Sul. However, the prospect of installing new ventures in the municipalities depends on policies to attract new companies and on the decision of entrepreneurs, who see the corridor as an opportunity to expand their activities.

Looking responsibly and carefully for Porto Murtinho is extremely important to make it not just a place of passage, but that people really want to stay and explore everything we have to offer.

We need to invest in the development of Porto Murtinho and the entire region, sparking growth in all areas, both in terms of infrastructure, as well as in health, safety and education. Qualify workers and the local community to prioritize good service delivery, including by encouraging community-based tourism.

If we aim for development, we have to be prepared for it, involving the local population in the discussions and projects, which will be directly impacted, and therefore have the full right to participate in the entire construction.

Giselle Marques (PT)

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The vocation of Mato Grosso do Sul is tourist. Such a small allocation of the state budget to the sector is unacceptable. I intend to increase investments in this area, prioritizing local-based tourism policies, valuing indigenous culture.

I intend to create tourist circuits that take advantage of the potential of our state’s rivers, their crystalline waters, mountains, exuberant vegetation, and, in particular, a unique biome in the world: the Pantanal. We have enormous wealth in MS: quilombola communities and indigenous villages. I love these people, I admire their struggle, their history and their roots.

Seen by traditional politics as “problems”, abandoned by the government, without access to basic services such as education and health, they will be a priority in my government. I will prioritize investment in these communities, creating partnerships, organizing guided tours and visits to attractions, giving a new meaning to the traditional conception of the rural environment, but always respecting the feelings of local residents, their artisanal production, their customs and experiences.

I intend to articulate with President Lula, who is leading the polls for voting intentions, the infrastructure necessary for the construction of airports and the duplication of highways. As for the Bioceanic Route, it is a project that was born in the PT government, when we governed the MS.

In order for it to be successful, I intend to convene a great debate on the environmental and cultural impacts of this endeavor, prioritizing the insertion of the most humble people in access to income generation, contemplating aspects related to the ethnotourism potential of the Southwest of MS, as is the case of handicrafts. indigenous people and local gastronomy, enriched by the contribution of bordering countries.

Eduardo Riedel (PSDB)

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We are listening to the priority demands of the people of Mato Grosso do Sul, which will serve as a basis for the construction of a bold but realistic government plan, which will be presented to society at the appropriate time.

There is a long way to go and advance, to provide Porto Murtinho with the necessary conditions to be the portal of this strategic logistics hub in South America. However, it is worth noting that we made a huge effort to get the bridge over the Paraguay River that will connect Murtinho to Carmelo Peralta, in Paraguay, out of the picture.

We had a special look at this waterway, enhancing this modal with the creation of the Export and Import Stimulus Program, which gave exceptional results, beating a record for soybean exports through Porto Murtinho. There are also investments in the municipality’s macro ring, important logistical access, and a series of works that have changed the city’s reality.

We have no doubt that we will implement actions that will exponentially increase the number of tourists in the region and throughout the state. We already have a long work done to the State and to the Pantanal and border region, and the perspectives that open up with the Route will attract the eyes of the world that sees it as a new Panama Canal, and Mato Grosso do Sul will reap developmental fruits from this initiative.

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