See conceptual image of Samsung’s sliding screen phone

THE Samsung already dominates the foldable cell phone segment with the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip line, and the South Korean company has been working for a few years on different displays for the future. A partnership between the website Sam Mobile and artist Jermaine Smit resulted in concept art of what a possible cesquid with sliding screen of brand.

The concept is based on a patent held by Samsung in 2020 and was updated in March of this year. However, patents and filings like these are normal in the industry and don’t mean that companies will actually release that prototype. Most of the time it’s just research or development of ideas that will culminate in different final products.

Conceptual image of slider smartphoneConceptual image of slider smartphoneSource: Sam Mobile/play

The art shows what a cell phone that slides to the sides, so that it gained more horizontal area on the display. Similar models have already been shown in videos and shown at a fair by Samsung.

While there’s no sign of when we’ll see this type of display in the hands of consumers, the company’s display development team has been actively researching this technology. After the consolidation of those already introduced folding smartphonesthis seems to be the evolution of the industry for the next few years.

Image: Samsung Galaxy A52

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