Video. Unfaithful husband appeals to wife not to access cell phone and goes viral

A case of infidelity stirred social media, and even a cell phone technician was involved in the betrayal. A suspicious woman wanted to access her husband’s phone, but he threw it down the toilet. She took it to the repair shop, and that’s where the gossip narrator comes in. On professional TikTok, the “trilogy” has surpassed 6 million hits.

Yes, there are three videos, like any good movie sequence. The plot of the cell phone, by the way, leaves many movies out there to shame. The case occurred in the technical assistance of Zalmir Ferreira, in Itaboraí, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro.


In the first video, he tells how the device arrived for repair: “He [o marido] came here with his wife and she left this cell phone because he put his cell phone in the toilet and doesn’t want to call”. When he opened the phone, he found banknotes (totaling R$150) rolled up in a handwritten note with the following request:

“Friend, please say that this device is no longer available. If my wife ‘see’ [sic] what’s in it, I lose the house, the car, the bank account, the mistress and the church sheep. In the name of the father, help me, there’s a treat for you.”

The coach took advantage of the hairy story to engage his profile, and he did so correctly in the name of entertainment. He asked the followers if he would accept the money or give the infidel to the woman.

@zalmirferreira help me fix it or not fix it ?#traicao #cliente #fypppppppppppppppppppppp ♬ original sound – ZalmirFerreira

In the second part, the technician shows that he made the repair. “The woman is angry, she wants the cell phone today”, pointed out the professional, saying that the client also asked him to unlock the phone password.

@zalmirferreira Reply @joao_1175 ♬ original sound – ZalmirFerreira

The third video shows the dialogue between the unfaithful (and apparently religious) husband and the technician. With a hidden camera, it is possible to hear the man’s despair when demanding access to the device, even threatening to call the police because the professional only wants to give the cell phone to the woman who requested the service.

“I came to get my phone for the second time. What can you do for me, man?” asked the husband. “Boy, look at that. I already explained to you that whoever made the work order was your wife. Only she can remove the device, and she gave me the order not to give it to anyone but her”, repeated the technician.

The husband insisted, revealing the tense atmosphere at home and citing the amount hidden in the cell phone. “Your money is even saved, I don’t want to get involved. I’ll give it back to you there”, replied the professional, refusing the bribe.

The supposed religious then raised the tone: “Then I’ll have to go to the police station! You don’t want to return something that is mine!” Zalmir did not demean himself: “You can go, but his wife left the device here. I can only hand it to her, and she has already given me the order that I cannot hand it to anyone.”

Followers praised the coach for his honesty, while some men defended their unfaithful husband by saying the cell phone should be returned to its owner. And you, which side are you on?

@zalmirferreira Reply @maikfla now I’m screwed. what do you suggest i do? #coup #wife #marriage ♬ original sound – ZalmirFerreira

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