“We ask for severe punishment and…”; Jorginho detonates Abel Ferreira, gets angry and exposes backstage at Allianz Parque

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Atlético-GO coach was very angry with Abel and criticized the Portuguese a lot during a press conference

- Jorginho, Atlético-GO coach
© Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF– Jorginho, Atlético-GO coach

Palmeiras walked over the Atlético-GO at Allianz Parque. He won by 4 x 2, turning around, and isolated himself even more in the leadership of the Brazilian Championship. Verdão was not playing a great game until the 30th minute of the first half, but the key changed and Alviverde “crushed” the opponent, scoring four goals in an incredible eight minutes.

In the second stage, Palmeiras managed more than anything else and won 3 more points. In the post-game, what drew a lot of attention was the statement by the Atlético-GO coach, jorginhoin a criticism to abel for, according to him, disrespecting Brazilian football on the sidelines, with cursing and other things like that.

I am very sorry about the event that happened in the game, my discussion, between my assistant and the people of Palmeiras. I am respectful with the referee, but they are disrespecting the referee, they called the referee blind, clapped his hands to the referee and nothing happened. I reported it to the referee. My assistant took the card, their assistant also took it and the person who should be expelled was Abel. It’s not the first time he’s been kicked out.”, said Jorge.

Atlético-GO’s commander continued talking about the matter: “I respect (Abel) as a coach, he has done a great job, congratulations on being two-time Libertadores champion, he does a wonderful job, but respect has to exist with me, with my team, with the referee. Every time he complains, he says he’s working in our favor, but it’s usually against us. We asked for a severe punishment and there was none from the arbitration. The fourth referee did not report to the referee what Abel did. There can’t be a lack of respect for the referee and my team”, vented the Brazilian.

Jorginho still added: “No wonder he and the entire commission are constantly expelled. Clapping for the referee wants to screw him. It revolts me as a coach, a Brazilian, he comes to our country and is disrespecting our country. Called blind and nothing happened. Lost is the loser’s cry, but I want to leave my protest”, completed the coach.

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