AMD Ryzen 7000 processor sales start September 15

The manufacturer is expected to bring four CPU models in the initial launch wave

Next big release OMGthe line of processors Ryzen 7000 — and motherboards with socket AM5 — can hit stores on September 15th. The information was disclosed by the website, which had access to details of a presentation that the company conducted with Chinese distributors and retailers.

If the date is confirmed, it means that the new lineup of CPUs will be available to consumers one month before Radeon 7000 GPUs. The strategy would be similar to what AMD adopted in 2020, when it brought the line AMD Ryzen 5000 with Zen3 microarchitecture a month before the series Radeon 6000 with RDNA 2 technology.

According to insider Greymon55, the launch will be marked by the availability of four different SKUs. The main one would be the model 7950Xwhich should bring 16 cores and 32 threads it is a Expected TDP of 170W — according to the manufacturer, this level of consumption is reserved for High-performance Zen4 CPUs in the desktop segment.

Line will require a new socket

The insider also claims that the initial line will bring the 7900X, 7800X and 7600X modelswhile the expected version 7700X should be released at a later time. The most powerful model can hit stores for 5999 RMB (about $893), which would make it slightly cheaper than the 6049 RMB charged by model 5950X in November 2020.

AMD’s new lineup of desktop CPUs will require consumers to adopt the new sockets known as LGA1178 or AM5. The manufacturer wants to accelerate the adoption of more modern hardware technologieswhich means that compatible motherboards X670/B650 will only work with DDR5 memories.

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New motherboards must be compatible with the PCIe Gen 5 standard (initially just for storage), and it’s still unclear if it will be leveraged on the new Radeon 7000 lineup. The manufacturer has not confirmed the leaks.nor has official commented on, and the expectation is that more official details — especially related to component prices — will be released. revealed in the coming months.


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