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Internet Explorer (IE) cannot be said to have had a glorious makeover. Although it was, during the 2000s, the most used search engine globally, the slowness and glitches constants caused IE to be gradually replaced by other browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

In May 2021, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer would be replaced by Edge, the native search engine of Windows 10 and 11 starting June 15, 2022. Faced with the “death” of the search engine, Kiyoung Jung, engineer in software 38-year-old South Korean decided to pay tribute on a roof in the city of Gyeongju: a grave. With an ironic message: “It was good to unload other browsers.”

The author of the grave confessed to AFP that he was “excited” with the end of Internet Explorer. He says that he was forced to work overtime to adapt the content he was developing to the browsersince a site that works well in another search engine might not work in IE. However, the engineer software revealed to have felt nostalgic and emotional with the “death” of the search engine.

“People are relieved that machines don’t have souls. But we, as human beings, give them our hearts,” Jung told AFP, quoting Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki.

Although IE has begun to fall into disuse around the world, in South Korea, the story takes on peculiar contours. Although the country has one of the best average Internet speeds in the world, the country remained faithful to the use of Internet Explorer until the withdrawal of browser. Until 2014, to shop and use online banking, the Microsoft ActiveX plugin was required. Thus, it became imperative to use Internet Explorer to carry out such activities.

The author of the tribute, which went viral, revealed to be happy with the humorous reactions that the grave has provoked on the Internet and assumes that he intends to keep the tribute to the IE on the roof of your brother’s cafe, indefinitely.

Text edited by Amanda Ribeiro

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