CBF details 10 more rounds of Brasileirão; check the dates and times of the next games

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) dismembered ten more rounds of the Brazilian Championship. With this, the matches will be held between July 9 and September 5 and dates and times have already been defined.

The competition promises strong emotions in this final stretch of the first round. In the month of July, Flamengo and Corinthians will face each other on July 10, Sunday, at 4 pm, at Neo Química Arena. The next round will have the tricolor duel between São Paulo and Fluminense, in Morumbi, on the 17th, at 4 pm.

+ Check and simulate the Brazilian Championship table

Another duel between cariocas and paulistas is reserved for the eighteenth round, penultimate of the first round. Santos and Botafogo will face each other on July 20, at Vila Belmiro, at 9:30 pm, in a duel between foreign coaches: Argentine Fabián Bustos and Portuguese Luís Castro.

At the turn of the round, leader Palmeiras will face the red-black team again, this time at Allianz Parque, on August 21, at 4 pm. Alviverde, in turn, will have the sequence Fortaleza (away), Cuiabá (home), América-MG (away) and Internacional (home) until the end of the first round to try to consolidate at the top of the table.

+ Flamengo reaches an agreement with Everton Cebolinha; striker will perform exams this Friday

In the first twelve rounds, the championship remains tangled with little difference between teams at the top of the table and the Z4. Only the leader Palmeiras and the lantern Fortaleza clash. Alviverde already has 25 points, three more than rival Corinthians, currently in second place. Tricolor do Pici has only 7 points, and the first out of the relegation zone is Goiás, which has twice as much.


09/07 (Saturday)

7:30 pm – Bragantino vs Avaí
7pm – Fluminense vs Ceará
20:30 – Goiás vs Athletico

7/10 (Sunday)

11 am – Coritiba x Youth
4pm – Corinthians vs Flamengo
6pm – Atletico MG vs Sao Paulo
6pm – Santos vs Atletico GO
6pm – Fortaleza vs Palmeiras
7pm – Cuiabá vs Botafogo
7/11 (Monday)

20h – Internacional vs América-MG

17th ROUND
07/16 (Saturday)

16:30 – Atlético-GO vs Fortaleza
16:30 – Athletico vs Internacional
7pm – Flamengo vs Coritiba
7pm – Avai vs Santos
9pm – Ceará vs Corinthians

07/17 (Sunday)

11 am – Youth vs Goiás
4pm – Sao Paulo vs Fluminense
6pm – Botafogo vs Atletico MG
7pm – América-MG vs Bragantino
7/18 (Monday)

8pm – Palmeiras vs Cuiabá

7/19 (Tuesday)

21:30 – Ceará vs Avaí

7/20 (Wednesday)

7pm – Bragantino vs Fortaleza
7pm – Goiás vs Fluminense
20:30 – Flamengo vs Juventude
20:30 – Internacional vs São Paulo
20:30 – Athletico vs Atlético-GO
21:30 – Corinthians vs Coritiba
21:30 – Santos vs Botafogo

7/21 (Thursday)

7pm – Cuiabá vs Atletico MG
8pm – América-MG vs Palmeiras

19th ROUND
07/23 (Saturday)

7pm – Sao Paulo vs Goiás
9pm – Botafogo vs Athletico

07/24 (Sunday)

11am – Avai vs Flamengo
4pm – Fluminense vs Bragantino
4pm – Palmeiras vs Internacional
4pm – Youth vs Ceará
6pm – Atlético-MG vs Corinthians
6pm – Atlético-GO vs América-MG
7pm – Fortaleza vs Santos

7/25 (Monday)

8pm – Coritiba vs Cuiabá


07/30 (Saturday)

16:30 – Ceará vs Palmeiras
16:30 – Goiás vs Coritiba
7pm – Corinthians vs Botafogo
20:30 – Flamengo vs Atlético-GO
07/31 (Sunday)

11 am – América-MG vs.
4pm – Internacional vs Altético-MG
4pm – Athletico vs Sao Paulo
6pm – Cuiabá vs Fortaleza
7pm – Bragantino vs Youth

01/08 (Monday)

8pm – Santos vs Fluminense

21st ROUND
06/08 (Saturday)

16:30 – Fluminense vs Cuiabá
16:30 – Youth x America-MG
7pm – Atletico-GO vs Bragantino
7pm – Avai vs Corinthians
20:30 – Palmeiras vs Goiás

08/07 (Sunday)

11am – Botafogo vs Ceará
4pm – Sao Paulo vs Flamengo
6pm – Fortaleza vs Internacional
7pm – Atlético-MG vs Athletico

08/08 (Monday)

8pm – Coritiba vs Santos

22nd ROUND

08/13 (Saturday)

16:30 – Goiás vs Avai
7pm – Corinthians vs Palmeiras
20:30 – Cuiabá x Youth

08/14 (Sunday)

11am – Coritiba vs Atlético-MG
4pm – Flamengo vs Athletico
4pm – Sao Paulo vs Bragantino
4pm – Ceará vs Fortaleza
6pm – América-MG vs Santos
7pm – Internacional vs Fluminense

8/15 (Monday)

8pm – Botafogo vs Atlético-GO

23rd ROUND
08/20 (Saturday)

16:30 – Santos vs São Paulo
16:30 – Avai vs International
7pm – Fortaleza vs Corinthians
7pm – Athletico vs América-MG
20:30 – Atlético-GO x Cuiabá

08/21 (Sunday)

11am – Youth vs Botafogo
4pm – Palmeiras vs Flamengo
6pm – Bragantino vs Ceará
7pm – Atletico MG vs Goias

8/22 (Monday)

8pm – Fluminense vs Coritiba

08/27 (Saturday)

16:30 – Goiás vs Atlético-GO
16:30 – Coritiba vs.
7pm – Botafogo vs Flamengo
20:30 – Corinthians vs Bragantino

08/28 (Sunday)

11am – Fluminense vs Palmeiras
4pm – América-MG vs Atletico-MG
4pm – Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza
6pm – Cuiabá vs Santos
7pm – Ceará vs Atletico

8/29 (Monday)

8pm – International vs Youth

09/03 (Saturday)

16:30 – Youth vs.
7pm – Bragantino vs Palmeiras
20:30 – América-MG vs Coritiba

04/09 (Sunday)

11am – Flamengo vs Ceará
4pm – Corinthians vs Internacional
4pm – Fortaleza vs Botafogo
6pm – Santos vs Goiás
7pm – Atletico-GO vs Atletico-MG
7pm – Athletico vs Fluminense

05/09 (Monday)

8pm – Cuiabá vs São Paulo

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