Check out 5 apps for extra income that really work

Making money with the internet to perform very simple tasks is something that some software proposes. If you are looking for these possibilities, we have separated some good apps for extra income for you to test. All of them are free to use.

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1 – Apps for extra income: MeSeems

MeeSens can be installed on Android and iOS (iPhone) cell phones. It is a program that rewards users for sharing experiences, opinions and responses to questionnaires. After completing a brief registration, the person must select some topics that are of interest. The objective is to establish a consumption relationship and provide data to several companies.

2 – TikTok

Unsurprisingly, many people make money from social media. TikTok, in addition to being one of the most famous, is also one that pays its users. You can earn money by inviting friends to join the platform and completing some missions within it. In addition, it makes it possible to receive donations from other people.

3 – Google Opinion Rewards

Another platform within the apps for extra income is Google Opinion Reward. Rewards are offered to users after completing surveys. Themes are based on the location and history that Google provides about each account. It can only be used on Android, as it does not have an extension for iOS.

4 – PicPay

PicPay is actually a digital wallet, but it is also one of the apps for extra income. That’s because he can offer money to people who invite friends. You can invite up to 55 people to join the platform. Each successful invitation earns BRL 10 reais, that is, you can win up to BRL 550.

5 – Iti Itaú

Like PicPay, Itaú’s digital account app (Iti) also pays for each invitation accepted by your friends. If you invite 51 people, you will receive BRL 510 from the platform. It’s a good unexpected extra income in the month, right?

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