Chris Evans wants to play another hero at Marvel

Chris Evans played Captain America for eight years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a journey that began in 2011 and ended in 2019 with Avengers: Endgame.


Together, both the superhero and the actor ended up becoming one of the favorites of the MCU fans, popularity that grew with each new movie that featured a Captain America participation, which were 9 in total, if we include the small cameos.

It has been rumored for a long time that Chris Evans will return to give life to the character, or at least a version of him, after all, with the multiverse, practically everything becomes possible, this is the element that Marvel chose to explore at the moment.

But speaking of the multiverse, Chris Evans is recently touting the movie. lightyearand in an interview with the MTVEvans revealed which role would make him return to the Marvel Universe: the Human Torcha role that the actor has already played in the Fantastic Four films produced by Fox.

According to the actor, it would be easier for him to return in the role of the Human Torch than as Captain America:

“Look, I would love to. I would love. That would actually be easier for me than coming back as Captain America. Do you understand what I mean? Cap is so precious to me. And you know, I almost don’t want to get in the way of what a beautiful experience it was. But Johnny Storm, I feel like he hasn’t had his best days yet. That was before Marvel really found its footing. But I loved that role, so who knows.”

As we said above, with the multiverse, anything becomes possible. Would you like to see this happening? keep following the Marvel’s legacy so you don’t miss any news!

Understand the rumors of Chris Evans’ return to the Avengers universe!

In 2021 it was reported that Marvel Studios is developing the movie Captain America 4! Obviously starring Anthony Mackie, our Sam and new Cap. The series will also be written by Malcolm Spellman, the lead showrunner and writer of the Disney+ series.

Marvel really liked the guy, and it all makes us curious about what other characters from the series might appear in the movie. While we speculated that, fans quickly created the biggest wish for the film: the return of Chris Evans!

As much as Steve Rogers is out of the picture, a quick cameo from the former Avenger would certainly go down well. And because of that, fans remembered an old news also from 2021, that Chris Evans was in negotiation to return to Marvel.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers.

So just put 1+1 together and Chris’ return would obviously be in captain america 4, right? Only… no! According to Deadline, the project Chris was negotiating to participate in is not the new Cap movie. It’s another thing.

To this day, Marvel still hasn’t confirmed these rumors and what Evans’ mysterious project could be. Maybe there will be news in September, at D23, an event that has already confirmed a panel in which Marvel Studios will present news about its future.

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Avengers: Endgame is the twenty-second film from Marvel Studios, released in April 2019. It held the record for the highest grossing in cinema history in 2019, until it lost the post again to avatar in 2021. Records aside, the film ended The Infinity Sagaand became the end of an era: the first generation of the MCU that started with the first Iron Man (2008).

The film was once again written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. In the midst of an epic cast, it was marked the last time we saw the original Six Avengers on screen: Robert Downey Jr; Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans. Currently, the film is available here in Brazil on Disney+!

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