Corinthians and Internacional draw for the Brazilian Women’s in a match marked by law of the ex

Corinthians achieved an important draw this Saturday afternoon in the Brazilian Women’s Championship. Playing at Fazendinha, against Fiel, Timão was 1-1 with Internacional.

The match was a lot of pressure from the visitors, especially in the second half. Both goals, however, were scored in the first half: Millene scored from a penalty and Jheniffer soon left everything the same.

The result made Corinthians reach 28 points. The performance leaves the team in fourth place, just behind Internacional, Palmeiras and São Paulo – the rival alviverde is the only one still playing in the round.

Alvinegra schedule! Corinthians now only returns to the field in early August. The Brasileirão will be paralyzed and the alvinegra team resumes the competition in front of ESMAC on the 3rd, at 18h.

The game

Corinthians had the last-minute absence of Lelê, who suffered a strain in one of the ligaments in his knee. Paty then went to the field.

Thus, Timão was selected with Paty, Paulinha, Gi Campiolo, Tarciane, Tamires, Mariza, Jaqueline, Diany, Gabi Portilho, Adriana and Jheniffer.


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First time

The opening minutes were well studied. Corinthians tried a first arrival with Adriana on the left, who made the cross to Gabi Portilho, but the defense removed the danger. Afterwards, the visitors arrived with Maimai, but the move was not dangerous.

Internacional pressured the ball out of Corinthian and on two occasions successfully managed to steal the ball near the alvinegra area. With about 11 minutes in, the arrival on the left found Maimai, who finished with the first shot inside the area, but the ball exploded on Timão’s marking.

Shortly after, Mariza committed the foul in the defense field and Duda took the first shot in the goal. The ball went straight to Paty, who made the save without difficulty. Timão responded in the next play and Tamires’ cross found Jheniffer in the area. The Corinthian made the header, but grazed the ball and Gabi Barbieri stayed with her.

Until the 20th minute, Corinthians managed to have the ball on some occasions, but missed the last pass and did not complete the plays on goal. On the counterattack, then, Timão had a good opportunity. Gabi Portilho reversed the game with Adriana, who led and hit from outside the area, forcing Gabi Barbieri to put the ball in a corner.

Internacional tried to score again with Fabi Simões, who arrived from the right, won the mark and hit, but Paty made the save safely. Shortly after, the goalkeeper from Corinth had to work and make a great defense at the top to prevent what would be the first opposing goal in the submission of Fabi Simões from the entrance of the area.

With about 38 minutes, the referee awarded a penalty in favor of Internacional. In Isabela’s play, Gi Campiolo gave a cart to prevent the cross, but passed the ball, which hit the Corinthians hand. Millene took the penalty and converted to open the scoring.

Corinthians, however, didn’t need much time to get everything back on track. Gabi Portilho made the cross from the right, Adriana fixed it and Jheniffer tried to get the shot, which was blocked. The leftover was shirt 16, which replaced the ball in the small area for the attacker to leave everything the same head.

Timão put a lot of pressure on the visitors after the goal. The new arrival, now on the left, ended up in the cross for Adriana, who finished strong, but saw the ball explode in the opposing defense. Despite this, the team did not score again and the match went to halftime at 1-1.

Second time

Corinthians returned for the second half without changes. in the first minutes, Internacional had a good arrival when Millene got the pass to Duda inside the area, but Paty came out to make the defense. The pair shocked each other, but both soon recovered.

Shortly after, the crossbar prevented Internacional’s second goal. Juliana finished on the edge of the area, the ball hit the post and returned in the small area, but Tarciane arrived at the mark of the leftover and Mai touched the ball, but out.

The visitors even scored the second goal when Lelê’s cross hit the crossbar after Paty’s deflection and Maimai touched the back of the net, but the play was already stopped and the goal was invalidated.

Shortly after, the good arrival of Timão was in a cross by Jaqueline who found Adriana inside the area. Corinthiana’s header deflected the marking and the ball was left with Gabi Barbieri. Shirt 16 asked for a penalty for hand deviation, but the referee ordered the game to continue.

In the 16th minute, Maimai got the cross from the right and Juliana finished with a strong first shot at the entrance of the area, but sent it out. The visitors put a lot of pressure on Corinthians and the new arrival, now with Millene, ended up missing at the entrance of the area.

With almost 25 minutes, Arthur Elias made four changes at once at Corinthians. Lia Salazar, Andressa, Miriã and Grazi entered the field in the places of Diany, Gi Campiolo, Jaque and Mariza.

Minutes after the changes, Corinthians arrived in danger. Gabi Portilho and Paulinha exchanged passes around the opponent’s area, but the attacker’s finalization deflected the marking and went out on the side. The alvinegra charge found Grazi in the area, but the kick was also blocked.

The visitors demanded another good participation from Paty when Duda received the pass behind Tarciane’s back and came face to face with the goleria for the finalization, but the corinthiana got the better of the bid. Shortly after, in a corner kick, Benites got the header and forced Paty to get the ball in the corner.

Timão made a quick response with Gabi Portilho, who pulled the counterattack and hit from afar, but Gabi Barbieri made a good save. Soon after, Arthur changed for the last time and put Mylena in Jheniffer’s place.

In stoppage time, Timão arrived on the left and Tamires made the cross. Portilho dominated in the chest and tried the bicycle submission, but missed. Internacional still managed one more arrival, but it was stopped by Andressa.

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