Formula 1 faces very cold and rain for Canadian GP qualifying – Formula 1 News

Clear sky? What nothing! Time will be closed for F1’s decisive day in Montreal (Photo: Haas)


If the rain didn’t show up in Montreal for the first free practices, the tendency is that the weather will appear on the second day of track activities of the Formula 1 Canadian GP, ​​this Saturday (18).

The information is from the Accuweather weather service. If rain is a possibility and not a certainty, the cold will certainly give the air of its grace. At the time of classification, 16:00 local time (17:00 GMT -3), the expected temperature is only 14ºC, with a wind chill of 11ºC.

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A cloudy sky is also expected – with wind gusts around 56 km/h (average of 32 km/h) and relative humidity pointing to 63%.

Earlier, at 13:00 local time (14:00 GMT), Formula 1 has its third and final free practice. The cold and the chances of rain will be greater: temperature around 12ºC, with a thermal sensation of 6ºC, and rain of 1.8mm with a 55% chance of happening.

Wind gusts are forecast to reach 60 km/h, with an average of 35 km/h, and the relative humidity points to 76%.

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