Full Mobile Developer: know the salary of this professional in 2022

Enter the technology area and specialize as mobile developer in Brazil can be very gratifying, since the country is the third in a world ranking where people use smartphones the most.

O labor market is heated, but there is no qualified manpower to fill it, mainly for positions that demand more experience, as is the case of full mobile developer. Want to know more about this career? Then check out more details!

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about the area

To act as a mobile developer (or dev, for short), it is necessary to focus on studies and activities in the area of ​​mobile device development, whether tablets, cell phones, among others.

The task of this professional is to program, create code, test, maintain and correct problems in the versions of the application. To reach the full level of careerthe mobile developer needs a good theoretical foundation plus a minimum experience between 3 and 5 years — the time may vary according to the complexity of the projects in the portfolio.

With this background, he will be able to meet demands, make strategic decisions and talk to the customer, but he will still be under the supervision of a senior or a technology coordinator.

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Professional Profile

In the job market, recruiters have observed two skill levels to know if a candidate fits a vacancy: soft skills and hard skills. See the difference between each one:

  • Hard skill: is the technical skill, that is, one that you can learn in a classroom with exercises in handouts. For example, knowing the Java programming language is a hard skill.
  • Soft skill: these are skills linked to behavioral aspects and relationships with other people. For example, conflict resolution in the workplace is a soft skill.

That said, let’s separate the characteristics of a full mobile dev in these two categories. Check it out below:

hard skills

  • knowledge of programming languages: Java (Android), Kotlin (Android) Objective-C (iOS), Swift (iOS), Flutter (Android and iOS);
  • notions of user experience (UX) and user-oriented interfaces (UI);
  • understanding of database development;
  • understanding of the English language, mathematics and logical reasoning;
  • science on agile methodologies.

The mobile developer does not need to be an expert in topics such as UX, UI or database, for example. It is interesting to know only the basic concepts, especially those involving accessibility.

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soft skills

  • good communication;
  • self-management;
  • leadership and teamwork skills;
  • flexibility;
  • organization;
  • Deadline accomplishments.

If you don’t have one of the listed characteristics, either soft skills or hard skills, study. Whether in books, blogs, websites, specialization courses, YouTube channels, among others, what counts is reading, learning and deepening knowledge.

What to study and how to qualify

As with other information technology (IT) careers, it is not necessary to be effectively trained to work as a mobile developer — in fact, many professionals are recruited while still in college. But be warned: the diploma gives more seriousness to the curriculum.

If higher education is not an option, we present some subject tips for you to certify, deepen and grow in the job market. Check out:

  • programming logic;
  • object orientation;
  • development environment;
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Attention: attending classes on these topics is not enough, it is also necessary to invest in the soft skills and hard skills described above.

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The salary of a developer who works with mobile devices depends on some aspects, such as: seniority level, previous experience, company size and state in which it is.

See how much a full mobile developer earns in Brazil in 2022:

  • Small company: around R$3,200, not counting benefits;
  • Medium company: around R$4,200, not counting benefits;
  • Large company: around R$5,400, not counting benefits.

Please note that these values ​​are for reference only. There are professionals who receive up to about R$12,800 according to their experiences, certifications and skills.

So, if you want to pursue a career in the area, it is worth investing in good specialization courses in mobile development — after all, it is a job market that is growing a lot, especially in Brazil.

And you, have you ever thought about being a mobile developer? Tell us in the comments!

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