‘Giant dog’ refuses to leave store at closing time and police are called

On June 9, police in Bradenton, Florida, United States, received a call to detain a “criminal”. And the perpetrator was not just any crook, but a very cute dog.

The Dollar General market called the police who, wishing to close the establishment’s doors, as it had already closed office hours, a very stubborn customer refused to leave. The customer? Bentley, a 135-pound (61 kg) St. Bernard dog, who was undisciplined and refused to leave the establishment – all to look for snacks.

According to the New York Post, the big guy had been circling the place for hours. The officials allowed the walk until the time to lock the doors, and as they realized that the dog had no intention of leaving, they asked the police for reinforcements.

The agents arrived and had fun ‘capturing the miscreant’, who was later reunited with his owner. Bentley’s entire antics were captured by the store’s internal security cameras.

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