Hired by Flamengo, Everton Cebolinha was a ‘victim’ of Jorge Jesus at Benfica. Europe’s dream turned into a nightmare – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

A victim of Jorge Jesus.

This is how managers who worked with Everton Cebolinha at Grêmio summarize the impact that the player’s career suffered at Benfica.

And that came to an end today, with the confirmation of his transfer to Flamengo.

Since 2020, his career has taken a step backwards for two years. Embarrassingly.

He was having the best moment as a player. Appreciated for the excellent Copa América he made in 2019, when Brazil won the competition without Neymar. He took the place of David Neres.

“He (Everton), Neymar and nine more”, joked Tite, talking about the future of the Brazilian team, after the 2019 Copa América.

Top scorer in the competition, Everton seemed untouchable. His speed dribbles, sprints, goals. He looked like a player ready for the international market. The gamble was huge.

At the behest of Jorge Jesus, Benfica anticipated other interested clubs and tried to buy the player. For 20 million euros, currently R$120 million, on August 14, 2020, after eight years at Grêmio.

The Lisbon club is known for acting as a springboard for emerging athletes.

But Cebolinha did very poorly, in the face of expectations, in Portugal. Jorge Jesus wanted him to be an intense athlete, also participative in the recomposition, in the marking, in the filling of space without the ball.

It ended up taking away the player’s confidence. Criticism came quickly, cruelly. The antipathy that Jorge Jesus built with the sectorists, with the press that covered Benfica ended up hitting the Brazilian Cebolinha.

And without psychological strength, the Brazilian player failed.

It was soon cast aside by Tite.

The doors of the Selection closed impressively.

His manager Giuliano Bertolucci’s plan to use Benfica as a first stage in European football did not work out, it was embarrassing.

Just like that of the Portuguese club, who dreamed of selling him for at least a third of the €120 million release clause, around R$635 million. The double that was paid to Grêmio. 40 million euros, around R$ 211 million.

Pure daydream.

After the embarrassing dismissal of Jorge Jesus, at the end of 2021, without winning a single title, Benfica’s management decided to reformulate the squad. And Everton Cebolinha would not stay. The club had already agreed to hire David Neres for the 2022/2023 season. Pure irony, since Cebolinha took the position that was the striker in the 2019 Copa America.

Grêmio wanted his return, but there was no money and no interest on the part of the athlete to play in the Second Division.

That’s when Flamengo emerged.

The direction decided not to invest more 10 million euros, about R$ 55.5 million in Andreas Pereira. Breaking the pledged word with the management of Manchester United.

Cebolinha arrives with the board’s anxiety, due to the sprain of his right knee, in Wednesday’s victory, against Cuiabá.

He underwent medical examinations in São Paulo.

And he’s cleared to sign his five-year contract.

He was hired for 13.5 million euros, around R$71.4 million.

And more bonuses for goals of 2.5 million euros, around R$ 13.2 million.

Flamengo will split the money in four installments.

For Cebolinha, the dream of Europa turned into a nightmare.

On account of Jorge Jesus, who causes so much nostalgia in Gávea…

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