In 10 years, Chrome surpassed Explorer and dominated the market

International research indicates how the global browser market has changed over the past decade

Microsoft announced on Wednesday (June 15, 2022) the end of Internet Explorer after almost 30 years of activity. The company encourages users to migrate to Microsoft Edge, the big tech released in 2015.

The general director of Microsoft Edge, Sean Lyndersay, stated in communiqué that the explorer failed to match the improvements of the web in general, and the company’s decision was “start from scratch” from the edgewhich, according to him, is a faster, safer and more modern browser than its predecessor.

The decision reflects data from the survey carried out by the online flow analysis website. StatCounter, which places Chrome as the most used internet browsing software worldwide. According to the survey, Chrome dominates ⅔ of the global online browser market.

10 years ago, the main navigator in the world was the Internet Explorer, created by Microsoft in the 1990s. It was the most used in 30% of the global territory, mainly in North America, Oceania and China, in addition to several countries on the African continent.

Chrome was right behind at 28%. Launched by Google in 2008, it was the main browser used in Central and South America and Russia.

Mozilla Firefox, created by the US company Netscape in 2004, in turn, was the most popular in 23% of the global territory, especially in Western European countries such as France and Germany.

Opera, a Norwegian browser also launched in the 1990s, appears in the survey in last place, being the most used in only 19% of the planet, like some countries in Africa and the Middle East.

In 2022, this ranking and another. Chrome dominates 64% of the world’s online browser market, which represents a 28% growth compared to the previous decade.

the second in ranking is Safari, browser created in 2003 by the North American Apple, with 19% and predominantly in the territory of Greenland.

And Explorer, which was present on all continents in the previous decade, no longer appears on the current map, being the dominant navigator in only 0.52% of the world territory. Edge, its successor from Microsoft, is the most used in 4% of countries, just ahead of Firefox, which appears with 3.26%.

Intern Aline Marcolino worked under the supervision of assistant editor Lorenzo Santiago

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