Learn how to use TikTok to secure extra income

The search for attention on the internet has been growing and being present on several different platforms is very important. Using the media that have the most engagement capacity certainly generates an increase in brand visibility. In addition to the dances and challenges, TikTok presents this opportunity.

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Whether to find out what your target audience is enjoying or understand what are the new trends, the app has many uses. Its tools increase the chances of content going viral among 1 billion users around the world.

Check out some ways to earn more using TikTok as a communication channel

Livestreams with influencers

People who already have a lot of followers can be affiliated in lives with product demonstrations. Real-time sales attract people’s attention, especially when there are unique items.

Catalog of products in commercial account

Create an official account for your company and prepare a tab with your main goods or services, making them visible.

Ads Collection Ads and Dynamic Showcase Ads

The ad manager helps you reach a qualified audience, just like on Facebook and Instagram. That way, your posts reach people who are interested in your brand.

TikTok Creator Marketplace

Encouraging sales, TikTok has made available a number of features that facilitate financial transactions and even deliveries.

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