Miss Congeniality’s trivia

A movie showing from this Saturday afternoon’s Session, Miss Congeniality (2000) has Sandra Bullock in the lead role. The work tells the story of a tough FBI agent who needs to infiltrate the Miss USA pageant to capture a psychopath who threatened the invention. Behind the scenes, a lot happened, including an assault by the protagonist..

The film received two Golden Globe nominations (Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical and Best Original Song) and grossed over $212 million worldwide. The success yielded a sequel: Miss Congeniality 2 – Armed and Powerful (2005).

A film that premiered on SBT in 2004 on Tela de Sucessos, the production had achieved 24 average points in times when Hollywood super-productions were very popular. Despite this, Miss Simpatia became a stampede on Globo’s afternoons. Check out some fun facts:

Sandra Bullock’s Assault

In one of the scenes of the film, the protagonist Sandra Bullock opposite the actor Benjamin Bratt and as both did not use stunt doubles in the action scenes, a small incident happened. While filming a battle, the actress accidentally kicked him in the calf, but he did not suffer any injuries.

no stuntmen

An activity that is in evidence now with the soap opera Cara e Coragem, by Globo, there were no stunt doubles in Miss Simpatia. Sandra herself filmed her fight scenes. Despite this, some professionals were hired to accompany the filming only for security protocols. It’s… right?

Sandra Bullock bet on the script

In an interview given at the film’s release in 2000, she revealed that she accepted to make the film because it was a kind of character who would be like a fish out of water, abusing the “physical comedy”, with the right to fall scenes, etc. . Furthermore, she stated that she hadn’t read many scripts for women who had this kind of humor. “It was always like we were supposed to look relatively attractive,” she said.

laborious explosion

From absence of stuntmen to aggression: The curiosities of Miss Congeniality

At the end of the film, the production had to produce four Statue of Liberty heads for the last explosion. “We made four heads: one good and three full of sawdust and dynamite,” recalled production designer Peter Larkin. “

Music written by child

From absence of stuntmen to aggression: The curiosities of Miss Congeniality

The song titled Miss United States was written by a six-year-old child. Executive producer Marc Lawrence enlisted his 6-year-old son, Clyde, to create a version of the song. In the end, he ended up winning against adult music professionals. It’s easy?

12 hours of work

From absence of stuntmen to aggression: The curiosities of Miss Congeniality

The film’s first scene, which Sandra Bullock’s character drives through town with her sirens on just to get to Starbucks and uses her FBI status to get to the front of the line, took 12 hours to shoot. And detail: Starbucks was real.

It’s not NY!

From absence of stuntmen to aggression: The curiosities of Miss Congeniality

While Miss Congeniality appears to have been shot in New York City, the film was actually shot entirely in Texas. For a New York vibe, however, the production filled the streets with brown paper bags and fake trash. All to look like the city that never sleeps.

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