People are investing less in cryptocurrencies; understand why

Research shows that more than 48% of Brazilians still do not invest in the cryptocurrency market due to a lack of knowledge on the subject. Despite this, many of those who are more used to this type of investment have been putting their foot on the brakes for some time now. Find out why people are investing less in crypto.

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The fact is that there are several investor profiles. There are those who bet on appreciation cryptocurrencies over time, while others only believe in short-term returns. There are still those investors who just want to diversify their portfolio.

Investing less in cryptocurrencies

According to experts, the vast majority of Brazilians have a conservative profile. Yes, conservative to the point that many people still prefer to keep their money in savings.

However, a survey by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) showed that, even with the behavior of this specific group, Brazil has still stood out with more people investing in cryptocurrencies. Brazilians even bet more on crypto than the British and French.

Despite this, it was noticed that there was a drop in the number of people physical who have traded cryptocurrencies in the last six months. The data refer to the purchase and sale.

The number dropped from 531,600 to 297,500 in the meantime. The information was declared to the Federal Revenue by the cryptocurrency trading companies, as determined by the value.

In an interview with the portal, the director of the Brazilian Association of Cryptoeconomy (ABCripto), Bernardo Srur, said that in situations of devaluation, investors keep the cryptos in their portfolio, waiting for the best moment to buy and sell.

Bitcoin, for example, is the main cryptocurrency on the market. The value is at the lowest level in 18 months. The reason, according to experts, is the economy global. In other words, this is not a cryptocurrency problem, but the risk of recession, high inflation and rising interest rates.

The decrease in negotiations is justified by the expectation of investors.

This will be people’s foot on the brakes until the most appropriate time to buy and sell arrives.

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