Reverse vasectomy? Corinthians never knew of the story attributed to Jô

On the afternoon of last Thursday (16), influencer Maiára Quiderolly, who claimed to be pregnant with former Corinthians Jô striker, gave an interview to UOL Esporte and revealed a curious story. According to her, the player would have said that he needed to reverse his vasectomy surgery to perform some tests at Timão’s request before she got pregnant. In the alvinegra team, however, the story is unknown.

The report spoke to people linked to the Corinthians Medical Department who were surprised by the information. Timão, however, no longer officially manifests itself about the former player of the club.

O UOL Esporte sought out health professionals with experience in the field of football to try to understand which exam could require such a procedure, but the five doctors consulted —all working in Serie A clubs— were unanimous: they have never performed, nor are they aware of, exams that require reversal.

Maiára says that after Jô warned him about reversing the vasectomy, she warned him: “I don’t take contraceptives. We would need to take care of ourselves until I insert an IUD”. Also according to the influencer, the player never cared. However, he did not take the news of the pregnancy well.

“He was desperate, nervous. I knew it would be difficult, and I respected his time. After a few weeks, he came to my house and apologized for his absence. He said that it would be different, that he would be more present and that he would accompany me in future exams. We agreed that it would stay between us. Until it leaked”.

The report sought jo through his press office, but was informed that the athlete has not returned phone calls.

What is a vasectomy

A vasectomy is a sterilization surgery for men who do not want to have children. It is considered a simple procedure, with local anesthesia and that lasts less than 30 minutes. Recovery is quick and takes about three days. Reversal of the surgery is possible, but not indicated, since the chance of success varies according to the time that has passed since the vasectomy was performed.

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